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In this essay I am going to be talking about the way the media conventions are shown in this Documentary The Man Who Ate His Lover.

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The Man Who Ate His Lover In this essay I am going to be talking about the way the media conventions are shown in this Documentary 'The Man Who Ate His Lover'. One of the media conventions in the beginning part of the Documentary is when they use a digital camera and someone's hands trying to put a tape inside of the digital camera and then there are sound effects which make an impact on the Documentary that it is going to be someone to do with camera's and video recording something. There are loads of different codes and conventions that are used in this Documentary such as: * Narration * Animation * Images * Talking heads * Music * Lighting in the interviews and the camera angles The narration ...read more.


These images showed a symbol of his life which caught our eye and why he might have became the way he did. All of these Conventions show us that Armin Miewes was a weird guy who had a friend which was murdered and eaten my Miewes they both had twisted imagination and they also had a gruesome climax which would have been romantic in their point. This Documentary's conventions make the story more exciting and surprising as you don't know what is going to happen next. In this Documentary they also use people who knew Miewes when they were younger and they interviewed them and had a look at what they had to say about Miewes and his life growing up. ...read more.


This made the house look a lot better than what it looked like before he started to fix it up and also the inside of the house stayed the same old smell and style from when his mother passed away. The Documentary kept and showing a little video footage of the camera walking down a hall way towards a room at the end of the hallway and this was being shown getting closer to the door as the story was going through as it talked about Miewes putting people in the cage which he talk pictures of people the video footage was shown of the hallway. Basically the conventions of this film are showing us a more effective way of how and what really happened about 'The Man Who Ate His Lover'. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jamil Hussain ...read more.

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