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In this essay, I shall be reviewing the film Control, a film directed by Anton Corbijn and based on the book Touching From A Distance by Deborah Curtis.

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'Control' Film Review - A.S Film Studies. In this essay, I shall be reviewing the film 'Control, a film directed by 'Anton Corbijn' and based on the book 'Touching From A Distance' by 'Deborah Curtis'. The film opens in Macclesfield, in 1973, with a teenage Curtis in love with glam rock, striking 'Iggy' poses into his bedroom mirror. After analyzing the background it's obvious this person has a distinct literary bent; his bedroom is stacked with paperbacks and files with his poetry, songs and planned novels. I'd describe him as a lover rather than a geeky loner. Meeting his friend's girlfriend 'Deborah', he quotes 'Wordsworth' to her and she is then instantly hooked. They marry, but before long, his literary and musical dreams are brought down to earth by the day job at the employment exchange, and eventually the pram in the hall. When Punk Happens, Curtis and his friends form 'Warsaw', then 'Joy Division'. ...read more.


Curtis comes across as an intelligent, yet vulnerable and somewhat frail young man, totally out of his depth in the face of adulthood. Also, the film shows how different it actually is with it being shot solely in black and white. In the late 70's, 'Corbijn' was a lead photographer for 'NME' and made a major contribution to the image of 'Joy Division'. He has re-captured some of that feel in this black and white film, but he's also captured an era of British life, which now oddly different, there's no glamour in this film, nor fake grim-up North dourness; but a profound sense of the everyday that the inexperienced Curtis couldn't quite handle. Control is a trenchant (vigorous style), intelligent exercise in stripping away the many myths surrounding both Curtis and the music world in general. The second term which i'll comment on which is present throughout this movie is that of 'Binary Opposition' which is under simplistic phrasing a contrast between two mutually exclusive concepts that creates and drives ...read more.


Whether or not the film is strictly accurate about Curtis' life and death, it certainly has the ring of intimacy. It also gives a sensitive account of what it's like to be the woman left out of the picture when the boys go pursuing their dreams, though hers is essentially a supporting role, Samantha Morton is extremely effective when playing the part of 'Deborah'. Everybody should see 'Control'. It looks majestic, is full of natural piety, is frequently funny, and, just as Donnie Darko did to the music of 'Echo and the Bunnymen', transforms songs into something epic and global. But don't be fooled: this is only one version of Curtis's life, a timid one, too, that reduces the lyrics to the status of veiled autobiography; that interprets the disorder, wilderness and Pennine shadows of his band's songs as comments on his epilepsy; and, this is the cardinal sin, goes on so long you're almost glad he put himself out of his misery when he did. Jack Lowe Jack Lowe ...read more.

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