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In this essay I will be writing about the army recruitment campaign "Be The Best".

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Analysing the Army recruitment campaign "Be The Best" In this essay I will be writing about the army recruitment campaign "Be The Best". The army to change its racist image called in the marketing company "Saatchi and Saatchi". The army selected "Saatchi and Saatchi" because of their notoriety for work in changing the image of company's for the better. "Saatchi and Saatchi" thought that "be the best" would be a good slogan for an army recruitment campaign. In this essay I will be writing about the reason(s) why "Saatchi and Saatchi" thought this would be a good slogan for army recruitment, why the slogan suits the army and the slogans effect on the targeted public. I will be writing about the set of four posters created by "Saatchi and Saatchi" which will include who the targeted public are and their effect."Saatchi and Saatchi" also created a poster to recruit ethnic minorities into the army. I will also be writing about this Poster and its effect on the targeted public. The four posters contain four different images. From closer inspection you can see that all the images are connected by the fact that they involve helping people, None of the posters contain images of violence on the army's part, which is what the publics' stereotypical view of the army is. ...read more.


The phrases are set out in to lines for different reasons. In all the posters "17 year olds" are in the same line, the "required" or "needed" words have their own line, the job comparisons have their own line and the sentence linkers have their own line, e.g.: Wanted-----------extension of required 17 year olds Into----------------sentence linker Body Building---job comparison The phrases are set out this way to link each of the phrases in each of the posters. All of the posters contain the words "17 year olds" to appeal to young school leavers. The two posters "wanted 17 year olds into body building" and "17 year olds needed to work in fast food chain" fit in with the slogan "be the best" because the starving people would think or say "you're the best" when you give them much needed food. The poster "17 year old body piercers required" fits in with the slogan "be the best" as the army is inviting perspective recruits to "be the best" and prevent or cure diseases in places where people are dying of them. The "17 year olds needed to help stop road rage" poster challenges the perspective recruits to be the best and stop someone from killing or hurting people. ...read more.


This sentence was probably created by Saatchi and Saatchi as a backup, used for certain people who do not get or understand the overall message the poster is trying to get across. As usual the poster contains contact numbers and "be the best" slogan accompanied by the England flag, linking the poster with others made in the past, coherent with the "be the best" campaign. Overall I believe this poster is very effective in getting across the message that the army is no longer racist. I don't quite believe this poster fits in with the slogan "be the best" as the poster's two messages for ethnic minorities is that the army is no longer racist and you will not be selling out your race if you join. The army is stating that you will be respected and you and your country will be proud of you, but the poster does not mention anything about being "better" than anything. This is congruent with quite a few of Saatchi and Saatchi's "be the best" army recruitment adverts. The adverts do work well in promoting and changing the Army's image for the better but do not fit in exactly with "be the best". I believe this because the adverts do not always compare the army to other careers or job's. ...read more.

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