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In What Ways Are These Two Texts Typical Of A Short Story Genre? The two texts ' Visitor ' and ' The adventure of the Speckled Band '

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Wider Reading Assignment In What Ways Are These Two Texts Typical Of A Short Story Genre? The two texts ' Visitor ' and ' The adventure of the Speckled Band ' are typical of a short story genre because they both use ambiguous titles and short stories with very few characters and settings. The effect of this is an intense, exciting story which are unpredictable. The titls in both ' Visitor ' and ' The adventure of the Speckled Band ' are ambiguous and typical of a short story genre. Take ' Visitor ' by example, the word visitor could mean many different things such as friends, relatives, planned visit, unexpected visit or anything like that. ...read more.


But as in ' Visitor ' the title is actually sending the reader way out with that title. So overall the titles are getting the audience asking questions about what is going to happen and creates an open mind to the reader. The openings are both typical to that of a short story genre as they lauch the reader straight into the story almost assuming that the reader already knows the characters and settings as though it were a soap opera. The opening to ' The adventure of the Speckled Band ' is descriptive with unanswered questions. " wide spread rumours ", this quotation gets the reader guessing as to what the rumours are. ...read more.


The author also has to consider working in his/hers limits and having the characters like this would save much time for them. With ' The adventure of the Speckled Band ' the reader is expected to know who some of the characters are. In those times Shirlock Holmes was a big concept and everyone knew about it so the author need not waste time on introducing them. In ' Visitor ' it is slightly different with the reader not knowiong the characters but they can still relate to them with the little knowledge that they are givin by the author. Both have very few characters with the most number of characters being about 4 or 5. This is to make the story condensed and not to complicated for the reader. Having fewer characters in a short story would make the story more intense and interesting. ...read more.

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