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In what ways do the opening sequences of "10 things I hate about you" confirm or challenge the audience's expectations of the teen movie genre?

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In what ways do the opening sequences of "10 things I hate about you" confirm or challenge the audience's expectations of the teen movie genre? "10 things I hate about you" both confirms and challenges my expectations of a teen movie. The film is a modern day film which draws on William Shakespeare's "The taming of the shrew" in which Katherine is forced to marry petruchio and after many days of being a shrew she finally settles down and gives nothing but love to petruchio. This alone is not typical of a teen movie although despite being very similar in terms of plot and character, "10 things I hate about you" and "the taming of the shrew" are very different. "10 things I hate about you" is what most people would consider a teen movie, but more than anything else it was a love story compared to taming of the shrew which voiced the values and opinions of its time; people married to support themselves and the woman did not have a say in marriage and were expected to honour their husbands. Throughout this essay I will be discussing in detail things that confirm and challenge my expectations of a teen movie. ...read more.


A typical teenager in a teen movie would be very concerned and aware of what other people thought of them and would do anything thing just to fit in and given the chance to be popular would be like a dream come true, a dream which would not simply be "got bored of". In a scene at the start of the film where Kat is in a car on her own and a group of other girls are in a car next to her, on her radio she is playing music, then the girls in the car next to her turn to look at her, she looks back and then the music switches to " I don't give a damn about my reputation", then both cars drive off. This song was perfect to be played in a scene with Kat because it was just as if the song was her own words because she doesn't give a damn about her reputation or what anyone thinks. But Kat is not the only unconventional character from the film. There is also Mr. Morgan, their teacher, he behaves in a way you'd expect no teacher to behave and he'd only be able to get away with this type of behaviour in a film. ...read more.


Usually in teen movie you get e.g. in Save the last dance there was a lot of rap and hip hop music played but no rock chick music and in " Bring it on" you got almost like pop music but no rock chick because these are the types of music people expect and it is not common to find a successful movie like 10 things I hate about you which dares to set its own rule and be a bit different from other films. Although this movie is very different from most other teen movies I have still come to the conclusion that it is a teen movie. In the end all the arguments for it being a teen movie outweighed the arguments against it being a teen movie although the decision was very close. The reason that I decided that it was a teen movie was that although it was based on a Shakespeare play it was a love story, which is what most teen movies are about and almost all of the cast are teenagers. Quite a few of the main characters were the stereo type characters you always get in teen movies and although Kat, Mr Morgan and Miss perky were all unconventional they were still not enough to change the fact that this is indeed a teen movie 1 1Rachel Asantewaa ...read more.

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