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Interactive Media Strategies

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INTERACTIVE MEDIA STRATEGIES ASSIGNMENT MAMC-2006 To improve online communication tools for Revlon website in order to enhance customer interaction and satisfaction. Student Name Milli Rangroo Student ID 4052157 Tutor David Phillips Due Date 22, January, 2006 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Overview of the Organization Revlon was launched by two brothers Charles Revson and Joseph with the help chemist Charles Lechman in 1932. The term Revson was renamed as Revlon by Charles Lechman. Initially, Revlon begin with single product called "nail enamel" and later all three established manufacturing process successfully. Company became multi dollar organization in America within six years. Revlon is a leading mass products company includes cosmetics, skin care, perfume and personal care products. The objective of the Revlon is to provide qualitative and innovative products at affordable price. Since 1940, Revlon has been manufacturing innovative and quality products. Due to its global brand name and vast marketing experience, Revlon has successfully created consumer franchise in the world. Each of its products is sold in 175 countries approximately. The management team of Revlon posses' creativity and good marketing skills. It also offers various beneficial business opportunities. It educates the masses regarding women related health issues. This report will focus on, how Revlon's communication tools can be improved to enhance customer satisfaction and customer interaction for Revlon. The report will also discuss competitor's strategies. The report will focus on the gratification and use theory, value system and flow of information (i.e. how customer go through every page) and concludes with recommendations for improving online communication tools which will help Revlon to increase its customer interaction and satisfaction. INTERACTIVE MEDIA According to Chaffey, Chadwick, Johhnston and Mayer (2006), Marketers and experts needs to select appropriate online communication tools to increase the number of visitors on the website and to acquire new customers. In a study by Ko, Cho and Robert (2005) believe that interactivity should happen in terms of academic literature, which can be defined as human-message interaction and human-human interaction. ...read more.


Revlon is offering a make up look which is not even personalized. This will not increase the traffic on the website and will not lead to consumer satisfaction. Currently, Revlon website is offering very minimal services. The site is not very flashy as it is one of the glamorous companies. Its competitors L'Oreal has flashy sites with lots of features (L'oreal.com) which are missing in Revlon. In a survey done by Csikszentmihalyi (cited in Rettie, 2001) the research involves finding the flow of information was that older woman prefer that if there is interactivity on the site (i.e. if there is lots of things to do on the site they will prefer to go on that site again and again. But if there is no interactivity on the site it does not interest the consumer). Revlon website offers very limited interactivity to the customers, which won't help Revlon to attract new customers and provide satisfaction to old customers. Currently, Revlon site is offering e-mails to consumers. But do Consumers really bother about these e-mails. Hoffman and Novak, 1997, Rettie, 2001, Smith and Shivkumar, 2004 (cited in Chaffey et al, 2006) believes that flow of information is important for site usability.Further, Chaffey et al,(2006) believes that flow for online marketing can be defined as information or experience, which consumer has when he moves from one page to another and also includes interactions like filling forms etc.When this theory was applied to Revlon website, it showed that navigating from one page to other is not difficult and is quite easy. But when it comes to interactivity Revlon cannot compete with L'Oreal as L'Oreal offers more tools for interactivity then Revlon. Strauss and Frost (1999) suggest that customers want speed, convenience on top variety when they get from one page to another. Consumer does not want to spend their time on giving password on the net rather; they prefer to have user friendly method on the internet. ...read more.


thus it will help to reach large number of consumers. Therefore, it is evident that RSS feed will be new technological innovation to attract customers. Revlon customers can receive personalized beauty news about their skin type, products that will suit them. 5 Social Networking: Salz (2006) states that new online communication tools are coming up which will connect people based on their knowledge and talent. Social networking will be the biggest change in the communication industry. Social networking will help people to share information and common interests. Revlon should also start community which can be a social networking for its customers where some games can be played by members with reward points. Social networking will involve customer inviting their friends which will help in word of mouth advertising.Thus, helping Revlon to gain more customers. Social networking can also be in form of discussion, in the forms of wikis, blogs etc. and giving free information and exchange of ideas within a group through instant messages, chats and web conferencing (Gunther, 2005).Revlon should focus on RSS feed and should start this service on their website to attract more customers and increase their customer base. Hoffman and Novak (1998) developed a model on the interactivity which focused on communication between one-to-one person, group to group communication like online chat rooms, teleconference etc.This model is used for developing word of mouth communication because of the person interactivity. The above are some of the recommendations for Revlon which Revlon can implement on its site to enhance customer satisfaction and to increase customer base. Revlon's site at present compared to its competitors like L'Oreal and Maybelline has not very refreshing site whereas the Revlon being a glamorous company needs site that shows its mission and goals. Currently, design of site is very dull and does not show any glamorous outlook. Therefore, Revlon needs to change the design of site to make it glamorous and equal to its competitors. The main motive of the website is to improve its communication tools which help Revlon to outrage its competitors,thus providing satisfaction and interactivity on the website. ...read more.

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