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International Cinema Comparison Essay Les Diaboliques Dos Boot

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International Cinema Comparison of Les Diaboliques Dos Boot Henri-Georges Clouzet made the movie Les Diaboligues (The Friends) (1955) a very suspenseful and believable movie because of the various filming techniques that he utilized. For example the various framing techniques, reaction shots and styles of lighting by the cinematographer left the audience sitting on the edge of their seats. Wolfgang Peterson also made the movie Das Boot very suspenseful, because of his use of various filming techniques. For example Das Boot is a prime example of the use of a hand held camera at its best! In addition, Mr. Petersons framing and close up shots made the movie for what it is; suspenseful, attention, grabbing, and classic. Mr. Clouzet's use of framing techniques in order to linger on an object really made the movie work. He heavily emphasized water through out the movie, which supposedly killed Paul Meurisse. ...read more.


Furthermore, the low key lighting done by the cinematographer really made the movie realistic and thrilling to watch. For example, the use of shadows when Vera Clouzot and Paul Meurisse were arguing over the lawyer retained the audience's eyes. Also, the scene where Vera Clouzot is searching throughout the building, at the end of the movie, really kept the audience in high suspense due to close up shots, low key lighting, shadows, and the contrast of sharp light . In addition, although the she was running in and out of shadows, her facial expression was very clear. This contributed to the overall effect on the audience. Mr. Clouzot's use of the most difficult shot in cinema, "the long shot", was a success. For example, the scene of the kids playing in the schoolyard really brought out the feeling of an all boy boarding school. The medium shot also worked very well in keeping the audience glued to the screen. ...read more.


Similar to Henri-Georges Clouzet, Wolfgang Peterson also used various framing techniques which had a huge effect of suspense on the audience! A prime example of Mr. Peterson's framing technique in order to leave the audience in suspense is the extreme close up of the indicator arrow on the depth meter. In addition, another example of Wolfgang Peterson's framing technique in order to linger on an object is extreme close ups of the engine room depicting that the U-boat is a supreme mechanical machine. I personally think that Henri-Georges Clouzet did a good job with Les Diaboligues; the various filming techniques that he utilized made the movie very suspenseful in the scenes mentioned above. Also, Wolfgang Peterson did a spectacular job with Das Boot; the various techniques that he utilized left the audience in suspense through out the whole movie and made it very difficult to look away. In addition, I found that the sound effects of the sonar sound and the sound of engine motors of the destroyer ships also contributed to the audiences reaction and feeling of anxiety. ...read more.

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