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Internet as a Crime

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Jason Chernenko English 112 26 July 2006 Internet Hacking Internet crime is crime committed on the Internet, using the Internet and. Computer Crime has become a very serious issue in our society today. Computer crime is a general term that illustrates crimes such as credit card frauds, child porn, scams, cyber terrorism, viruses, computer hacking, and the list goes on. Internet crimes have a drastic effect on our society and the institutions in various ways, which need to be prevented. Many Internet criminals that commit computer crimes are hackers, or people who hack into computer systems for both fun and for gaining access to an individual's information. ...read more.


Many of the crimes that are committed on the Internet can extend beyond national borders. What one hacker does on his computer in another country affects you and me. This can be seen with the recent virus "Love bug," which disabled computer systems world wide. Yet, because of the quickly advancing computer technology a cultural lag has been created. The "Love bug" virus is a set of commands that change computer programming and sometimes destroy files. The "Love Bug" virus crippled global companies. Yet, since the hacker was from the Philippines, which has no laws against computer hacking he may be able to escape any punishment for his mischievous behavior. ...read more.


The other institutions are affected also but not as drastically as the economy and the government. Families have become more aware of security on their computers and many people are becoming more educated on those previously known as hackers. Computer crime has a drastic affect on the world in which we live in many ways, which need to be prevented. It affects every person no matter where they are from. Many hackers view the Internet as public space for everyone and do not see their actions as criminal behavior. Luckily, the government is making an effort to control the Internet and its hackers. Yet, true control over the Internet is impossible, because of the reasons the Internet was created. ...read more.

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