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AS and A Level: Internet

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    ict online service

    * It is very simple to use so a huge percentage of people would find it easy to use. * You can send many different kinds of files using instant messaging * When you write a comment people receive very fast no matter where they are Disadvantages of using instant messaging * You can't always chat to a person because they might be offline so that means you have to wait till they come back online. * Also people who you don't know might have your contact and might want to talk to you. * People can send you files that have viruses Finally I think that instant messaging is a very useful because it is cheap and it saves money and it can be used at any time.

    • Word count: 3352
  2. The Computer and Video Game Environment

    Manufacturers aim to continue to attract new consumers from all age groups and sociocultural backgrounds. * Thanks to the launch two new portable consoles, video-games hardware was the most dynamic subsector in 2005, boosting overall sector value sale in 2005. * Sony remained the leading player in video-games hardware in 2005, while Electronic Arts continued to dominate the software subsector in the same year. * The video games sector is forecast to increase by 25% in constant value terms over 2006-2011 thanks to a new era of games consoles due to emerge in the coming years.

    • Word count: 4821
  3. ICT Solutions for individuals and society

    All this website shows is the average attendance for the top 23 teams in Europe, this is not as useful as I first hoped as I have not got anything to compare it to. I can still possibly use this to compare the average attendance of other sports teams. This is another website I have found from the Google search, this one however bears no relevance to my search, and is also the data is out of date by quite a while.

    • Word count: 8892
  4. This essay critically discusses the social issue of homelessness and its impact on young people and will show by the conclusion that there is no need for homelessness in England.

    Oldman (in Roche and Tucker, 2002), argues for an alternative definition of homelessness which would include issues such as a lack of affordable, decent and secure housing. This definition would then include over crowdedness, poor housing and living in tents, caravans or sofa hopping for example which within the present Government Framework is hidden. People are more likely to become homeless if they were in care as a child or had a problematic childhood; or have a mental illness or addiction, have been in the armed forces; have spent time in prison; from minority ethnic communities.

    • Word count: 4066
  5. E-commerce Technology

    Next is my partner Shada Abood who has been the most supportive, enthusiastic and constantly trying to help to test my product and spotting any mistakes in this report. I also thank my supervisor Nigel Newbutt, who was very supportive and was there to advise me when I had a family problem. Special thanks go to the technicians at King William Lab; I appreciate their support and valuable contribution. Finally, I would like to thank my friends for understanding for being antisocial to complete this project. CONTENTS Abstract ii Preface iii Acknowledgements iv Contents v List of Tables vii 1.

    • Word count: 13135
  6. Critically analyse and evaluate current developments in consumer behaviour in relation to one transport sector.

    o Stroll / Stroller - The stroller is someone who is on the cruise for status. They are there to look and feel glamorous, to get away from everyday life and to enjoy their time there. o Seek / Seeker - Seekers are individuals who like to get to know their surroundings which they are visiting. There are not many "seeker" cruisers as the ship is always on the move, the seekers do not get to feel and understand where they are. o Explore / Explorer - The places which few people have seen before are what the explorers are on the cruise ships for.

    • Word count: 5705
  7. Interactive Media Strategies

    In view of Mc Quail (2004) interactivity can be defined in three ways; two-way communication, reactive communication and interactive communication. This report focuses on the interactive media (i.e. Is Revlon website offering two-way communication?), which means Revlon website is involving customers and implementing two way communications. Secondly, is website a reactive communication, which means whether the website is offering something useful to the customers? Thirdly, is website offering a medium of communication between customers to company and customer to customer?

    • Word count: 3832
  8. How technolgy effects my community

    Also, this could then be recorded using any simple VCR. This would allow the owner to record any incidents outside for further reference if required as evidence in court and as the motto goes 'seeing is believing'. There are many different styles and features on a security camera such as night vision. This allows the owner to protect his property at night during the cover of darkness. Some cameras are also built on to a pivot, which allows them to spin a full circle, which would allow them to view a full 360 degrees around it.

    • Word count: 3469
  9. online services

    Online shopping is aimed at disabled people and people who may not have car. This makes life easier for these people as disabled people may find it difficult to get around and if you do not have access to a car you can use the internet instead of having to use public transport or having to walk. The non internet alternative is to go to the store itself. This service not only saves time having to walk around huge stores like Tesco's trying to find your essential needs but also saves energy as you are choosing your products sitting at a computer.

    • Word count: 4738
  10. Searching the internet and features of PDA's

    Searching the internet To enable you to search the internet I have prepared a flow chart of the steps you need to take. (See appendix 1). By following this it should give clear directives on searching the internet. To make the process even more clear I have included step by step instructions including pictures so you can see exactly what you are meant to be doing. (See appendix 2) In step 4 you could try other search engines. Here are some more examples you could try: * www.yahoo.com * www.askjeeves.com (ask jeeves is a natural language search engine so you can just type in an actual question not just keywords)

    • Word count: 3266

    However, because the artist is not yet well known outside the local area, this will be a small target audience. Secondly, the site needs to be useful to the artist herself as a marketing tool. Lauren is an ex-pupil of Langtree School, which has been awarded specialist status as a Performing Arts College starting in September 2006. The school is keen to develop further musical links in the local community and to encourage present students to watch past successful students perform.

    • Word count: 3636
  12. E-business feasibility

    Now, they have their own website on line to let their customer do e-purchase on their good and services. After browser on the website of Tesco, I find the website had help Tesco a lot on meet the objective. I list aim and objectives set by Tesco below and show how the website helps them to meet the objectives. Aim and objective of Tesco: * To provide all our customer with excellent value and choose- Benefit of e-purchasing is let the customers can sift through a large amount of produces information very quickly, and compare between different offers before they make the choice.

    • Word count: 3245
  13. The Values Of Online Recruitment To Organisations

    They are listed in the Bibliography at the end of the essay. Several analysts, including Armstrong (2001) argue that the aim of the recruitment and selection process is to find quality staff to fulfil new or existing positions that occur at a company. Recruiting staff is extremely expensive, therefore it is crucial to get it right the first time. To find the best applicant for a role, a firm has to define a job description, a person specification, and then attract candidates by using the most appropriate sources. Cheatle (2001) suggest that organisations should be able to determine the best recruitment method by focusing on several key points: the type of job,

    • Word count: 3703
  14. Shopping online

    You must fill out all your details and then click on 'Go Shopping' at the bottom of the screen. After this screen you are now ready to go shopping. Discussion of Benefits & Limitations for a. The family Benefits - Women who have got children enjoy the convenience of online shopping. They would rather avoid lifting heavy shopping bags and battling through the crowds in the aisles. Walking through the aisles make them get tired. But the good thing is that even though you might not be tired the fact that someone else is going to run around and get your shopping and deliver it to you is very appealing.

    • Word count: 3622
  15. Marketing Plan Group Paper

    Census Bureau). * The total targeted population is 26,247. Demographics * Single families with children, elderly and disabled. * Ages 55 and over, 52% of this segment makes purchases online according to the Senior Journal. * Household income and size: Average Income Per Year Household Income Family Income Earnings Income Social Security Income Supplemental Security Income Public Assistance Income Retirement Income Ewa Beach $57,073 ($4,756) $58,104 ($4,842) $56,989 ($4,749) $9,886 ($824) $7,023 ($585) $5,288 ($441) $17,074 ($1,423) Ewa Villages $51,451 ($4,288)

    • Word count: 3692
  16. Analyze an organization's media communication activities: P&O Cruises

    P&O Cruises now is the largest premium cruise brand in the United Kingdom. See the list as below. Carnival Corporation Princess Cruises & Carnival plc P&O Cruises were belong to Ocean Village P&O Princess Swan Hellenic Cruises plc AIDA P&O Cruises Australia Carnival Cruise Lines Holland America Line Windstar Cruises Seabourn Cruise Line Costa Cruises Cunard Line A'ROSA Main Report: Marketing mix... * Product P&O Cruises currently owns four types of ships - Aurora, Oriana, Oceana and Adonia. Each of them gives different atmosphere and personality to customers. They are service, facility and quality oriented.

    • Word count: 3278
  17. Analyse the contribution IT makes to the delivery of physical products from online retailers and discuss how this relates to the requirements of the consumer.

    In this 'post-dot-com' era, managers are looking to learn from the experiences of the early adopters, identifying success factors and incorporating best practices while trying to avoid the costly mistakes made by others. The Reality of E-Commerce: Most introductions to e-business open with a history of the growth of the Internet, and the predictions of the growth of e-commerce and e-business. E-Commerce is implemented using three technologies: Electronic Data interchange (EDI), Internet Commerce and Electronic Markets. We limit our approach to covering commercial activities conducted on the Internet.

    • Word count: 3633
  18. Online dating services - review

    back as far as the 1960s2. However over the last three years these services have seen explosive growth. While other dotcoms reached their peak in 2000 and have since crashed, dating sites have seen explosive growth since 1999 both in users and revenue. The industry generated over $50 million in revenue in the first quarter of 2002, 550% year over year growth3. This growth has been so fast and successful that many of the Internet companies that survived the crash have turned to dating services for additional revenue and profitability4. This explosive growth and several of the industry's other characteristics are reminiscent of other technologies or innovations.

    • Word count: 5340
  19. In assessing the competitive position of a large online trader, we would use the five forces analysis of Michael E. Porter. The assessment would compare Amazon as an online bookstore against its online and conventional competitors.

    They have not achieved the brand name recognition of Amazon. It is perhaps doubtful that we will see many or any new entrants into this market, the costs of matching the infrastructure and brand recognition of Amazon are just too great. So the potential entrants were low. Industry Competitors The major competitors of Amazon are Barnes & Noble and Borders. Barnes & Noble is a retail giant offering books and CDs both in their outlets all over the country. It opened their online industry in 1997 and has become the fourth largest e-commerce sites today.

    • Word count: 11892
  20. Design and create a website for a company of my choice. I have decided to base this project on the company "Belle Du Jour".

    * I will use advertisements of any special offers or sale etc. This will be beneficial for the customers as they can see any current information with all the offers the shop is promoting. * I will make the background colourful and personalised. I can do this by producing a wedding-themed background. This will be used by our company and will be personalised. * I will provide a visitor account/guestbook Every time you go online you can enter your visitor number into the guestbook so that when you reserve a dress or order one you will not need to enter all the details.

    • Word count: 10013
  21. Web design - build a store guide for a department store.

    The hardware that could be used to create the concession website could include a mouse, a keyboard, and a monitor. Other devices such as the Internet, which is an information source, could also be used, along with a scanner, digital camera to add images to my website. AO1-2 Using Hardware 5 To build my store guide, the hardware I used was a keyboard, a mouse, a monitor and a hard drive. I used the keyboard so that I could type text in.

    • Word count: 3636
  22. Case Study for Wingspanbank.com.

    2.0: Analysis and Evaluation 2.1: Review the Big Picture In the late 1990s, the United States and the rest of the world were experiencing the longest economic expansion in the history. The years 1994-2000 witnessed solid increases in real output, low inflation rates, and a drop in unemployment to below 5%. In year 1999, unemployment rate in the US was 4.2%, the lowest one in these years. At the same time, the widely use of personal computer and the explosion of the Internet brought more and more people to the Net and made them feel more and more comfortable with e-commerce.

    • Word count: 3758
  23. "Every child witnesses 10, 000 television murders before they are ten years old". Does television make children violent?

    Within the debate involving the effects of a violent media on children, are the Drabman and Thomas studies, which have been well documented for the content of their findings. Several replicated experiments were conducted to test the theory that violent portrayals on televison have similar effects on children and desensitize them to real-life aggression. Twenty-one male and Twenty-one female, school-aged children saw either a violent or non-violent film extract. Each subject was then told to watch two children on a video monitor, supposedly in an adjacent room, who would subsequently become violent toward each other.

    • Word count: 3160
  24. Företaget Boss Media.

    Dess huvuduppgift �r att utveckla och s�lja nya kasinosystem. Lars M�nsson sitter som VD. Boss Casinos, lokaliserat i St. John's, Antigua, ansvarar f�r uppr�tth�llandet av de s�lda kasinol�sningarna, samt tillhandah�ller service och support till sina kunder. Ansvarig f�r Boss Casinos �r Peter Bengtsson. Webdollar, lokaliserat i St. John's, Antigua, sk�ter de finansiella transaktionerna till och fr�n de kasino som ligger under Boss Casinos. Ansvarig f�r Webdollar �r Helena Bertilsson. Effektivitet F�r att kunna bli ett framg�ngsrikt f�retag kr�vs att Boss Media har en god inre och yttre effektivitet. Den yttre effektiviteten omfattar f�retagets relationer med omv�rlden och anger dess strategiska position.

    • Word count: 3565
  25. How IT is used in Sainsbury's.

    All other areas did not have the home shopping service at this time. Since this time, Sainsbury's have expanded their home shopping service. Sainsbury's To You is now the second largest online retailer of grocery products with current annual sales around �110 million. They take over 27,000 orders per week from serving over 71% of UK households. The first major step towards this was the opening of Europe's largest and most technologically advanced grocery picking centre in Park Royal, North-West of London, in August 2000.

    • Word count: 8071

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Outline and discuss the view that media institutions are expanding and becoming more popular.

    "In conclusion, I believe that the media institution is gaining power and will come to eventually directing and determining the culture of society rather than respond to or reflect society culture. Overall sociologist believe that the mass media is increasingly becoming more popular as the term 'meditation' describes this process of mass recognition. The media has begun to replace our local knowledge and awareness. This suggests that the media has become very popular and important in society lives due to the fact that they have replaced community-based forms of social and cultural life. Jamaal Channer"

  • Compare two search engines on the internet.

    "In conclusion, I believe that 'Ask Jeeves' did a slightly better job at finding a Prom dress maker in the UK, because the site was a lot more user-friendly. It was less crowded on the page, unlike 'Yahoo!'. 'Ask Jeeves' didn't come up with the most results, but the results I did get were relevant to my search. 'Ask Jeeves' also gave other related searches, which you could click on, and get even more results. 'Yahoo!' was more funky, and for younger people who have a sound knowledge of the internet, whereas 'Ask Jeeves' is for a wider audience. However, both search engines were a pleasure to use, and they both did an excellent job at finding what I was looking for."

  • Assess the view that women are stereotyped and symbolically annihilated in the media.

    "After looking at these 3 media types, I can say the women are indeed stereotyped and symbolically annihilated within them. All of the 3 medias show in ideal image of women; slim, attractive and fashionable, but this raises a question - does the media create the people in society or do the people in society create what goes into the media? I think that it is the people who create what goes into the media, because things that get printed or shown are things that people in society want to see. In conclusion, you can also look at the feminist view of the media to try to see if women are stereotyped and symbolically annihilated. Liberal feminists believe that journalists have learnt to portray women in a particular way, usually classless and family based. Radical feminists see men as the enemy. Men hold dominant positions in the media and they consciously manipulate the content for their own benefit, and to the detriment of women Finally, socialist feminists blame the capitalist structure for the disadvantaged position of women in society and that the role of the media is to sustain the capitalist system and the role of women within it."

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