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AS and A Level: Internet

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  1. The AOL-Time Warner Story – A Case of Need

    Quoting from The Economist "nobody is making any money on [the Internet]...The more important questions are whether they will make big profits later."� What AOL lacked was the ability to bring broadband to the homes of customers; these are cable television lines that can carry vast amount of Internet content and capabilities. G It just so happens that TW's cable-television infrastructure is the second largest in the USA. Everything that AOL needed to bring the revolutionary new technology to the homes of subscribers.

    • Word count: 1657
  2. How Well Does Morwellham Quay Show Devon’S Industrial Heritage?

    From the video Morwellham quay has lost its magnificence in size, importance and glory. There are only shells left of the houses once built to incorporate a self-sufficient mining town. The ports once built are now silted up and overgrown taking any indication of a port that had more ships a day than Plymouth, the only thing that would give it away without being told is the mooring poles. I will now discuss my experience of the informacy of the museum.

    • Word count: 877
  3. How Have Mobile Phone Companies Promoted Their Products?

    The Internet is used by millions of people all over the world. Club Nokia was launched in order to increase Nokia's customer loyalty. The other Manufacturers offer similar services and so do the Networks, e.g. Vodafone's "Vizzavi" services or BT Cellnet's "Genie". According to Nokia's Business review for the year 2000, people who already own mobiles, over the next few years, will buy 80% of new Mobile Phones. Customer schemes like Club Nokia allow companies to inform users of new products through e-mail and through the website.

    • Word count: 425
  4. Symposium on Media and Piracy.

    To commence, Feebe discussed that the selectivity of the representations form human values. Media affects public opinion due to the selected representations that is monitored by the government. To illustrate, Media determines what politics believe to be important issues by paying attention to some problems and ignoring or paying minimal attention to others, especially if we accept a constructionist approach where media representations help to construct our understanding of the world. Moreover, the selectivity of the representations might be unjustified, where audience cannot get access to the truth.

    • Word count: 439
  5. The two articles for comparison are Google will not remove anti-Islam film from YouTube following White House request for review ,published on September 15th, 2012 from FoxNews.com, and from CTVnews.ca, published September 16th

    Both articles share the topic of an anti-Muslim film that was recently published in the United States and Middle Eastern countries such as India and Egypt. The video was created with the intent to insult the Muslim community, and create a false image of Muslim-Islam people, from the perspective of an Anti-Muslim, Christian writer/producer. Titled, ?Innocence of Muslims?, it attempts to depict the prophet Muhammad as a potential pedophile, and Islam people to be ?fake?. It has falsified Muslim people, what they believe in, and what they stand for, and has caused an overall global outrage, especially in heavily Muslim populated countries.

    • Word count: 2115
  6. The Digital Divide refers to the gap between individuals with access to information technology and those with ineffective or no access.

    It is called The Digital Divide but it is much more than just being digital. Some would argue that The Digital Divide is a non-existing myth while others feel it is a crisis among us. I happen to think that The Digital Divide does not really fall into either one of these categories. I will admit that I have somewhat of a cynical attitude about this subject for varying reasons. Not everyone wants to be a digital citizen, especially if it means that the government is in charge of it.

    • Word count: 1278

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