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AS and A Level: Internet

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  1. An explanation of the impact of availability of electronic information on individuals and society.

    For instance; A camera (photo/video) to record events, text messaging (SMS) a cheap quick way of contacting people, internet access via WAP "Wireless Application Protocol or WAP is an open international standard for applications that use wireless communication. Its principal application is to enable access to the Internet from a mobile phone" Wikipedia. Or receiving text updates on my favourite soaps. The advantage of this is that I know what is going on if I miss an episode. Other than that I watch the TV.

    • Word count: 1926
  2. Evaluation of a website - cbeebies/

    And from the graphics they have used in this website make little ones lively and active. In here for interactive elements they have put different links apart from homepage. If some one need to play games with sound then they can click sound in that web. Cbeebie is mix with lots of multi media task such as videos ,sounds and animation sound clips to game .This all features are trying to make this website more simple for little children in a fancy looking way. Computer weekly http://www.computerweekly.com/Home/Default.aspx?&cmp=KNC-CWCW-AdWD-Content This website is made for professional IT people and to find jobs related to that backgrounds.

    • Word count: 754
  3. ICT and me

    All your; pictures, ring-tones, mp3 songs, videos, games and recordings are kept there. Orange Live is a list of links to points of interest on the GPRS internet. For example, it has a sports link if you want to find out fixtures or live scores on your mobile. Orange Downloads is another option full of links but the links in this one are for downloads only. The latest music and games released will be on the top of this list. The next option is Camera. A single press of a button on the side of the phone can access the option camera quickly. All the videos and pictures get saved in Media Album.

    • Word count: 2693
  4. ICT Solutions for individuals and society

    All this website shows is the average attendance for the top 23 teams in Europe, this is not as useful as I first hoped as I have not got anything to compare it to. I can still possibly use this to compare the average attendance of other sports teams. This is another website I have found from the Google search, this one however bears no relevance to my search, and is also the data is out of date by quite a while.

    • Word count: 8892
  5. Know the benefits of an online presence.

    This is vastly increases the choice of goods and services available to someone who lives in the highlands and Islands of Scotland for example. Customers with travel difficulties Even people who live in urban areas may not be able to get around as easily as they would wish - from mothers with young babies to the elderly. In this case, it is far more convenient to buy online - particularly when the whether is bad. Poor transport links In many rural areas bus services are very limited and train services may be non-existent or mainly available during the rush hour.

    • Word count: 595
  6. This essay critically discusses the social issue of homelessness and its impact on young people and will show by the conclusion that there is no need for homelessness in England.

    Oldman (in Roche and Tucker, 2002), argues for an alternative definition of homelessness which would include issues such as a lack of affordable, decent and secure housing. This definition would then include over crowdedness, poor housing and living in tents, caravans or sofa hopping for example which within the present Government Framework is hidden. People are more likely to become homeless if they were in care as a child or had a problematic childhood; or have a mental illness or addiction, have been in the armed forces; have spent time in prison; from minority ethnic communities.

    • Word count: 4066
  7. Marketing - website analysis

    The price list is available showing the one day price and annual. Also there is a special offer for the locals in Tenerife Get a discounted rate of 30 % off. Which shows that the company is not just trying to attract tourists; it wants the local people to come as well? Also there is a link to a partner hotel.

    • Word count: 534
  8. Internet as a Crime

    They have formed their own subcultures and hold many different beliefs about the information that is stored in personal computers. Many hackers believe that computerized data is free and should be accessible to anyone. A subculture is a group of people who share a different set of beliefs that differ significantly from the larger society. Besides forming subcultures, many hackers have learned their behavior from other hackers. The Internet is a tool that can be used world wide.

    • Word count: 517
  9. E-commerce Technology

    Next is my partner Shada Abood who has been the most supportive, enthusiastic and constantly trying to help to test my product and spotting any mistakes in this report. I also thank my supervisor Nigel Newbutt, who was very supportive and was there to advise me when I had a family problem. Special thanks go to the technicians at King William Lab; I appreciate their support and valuable contribution. Finally, I would like to thank my friends for understanding for being antisocial to complete this project. CONTENTS Abstract ii Preface iii Acknowledgements iv Contents v List of Tables vii 1.

    • Word count: 13135
  10. Critically analyse and evaluate current developments in consumer behaviour in relation to one transport sector.

    o Stroll / Stroller - The stroller is someone who is on the cruise for status. They are there to look and feel glamorous, to get away from everyday life and to enjoy their time there. o Seek / Seeker - Seekers are individuals who like to get to know their surroundings which they are visiting. There are not many "seeker" cruisers as the ship is always on the move, the seekers do not get to feel and understand where they are. o Explore / Explorer - The places which few people have seen before are what the explorers are on the cruise ships for.

    • Word count: 5705
  11. Origional Writing - Media Coursework

    The Tide28 did not comply with the RYA's safety requirements and was not class A. However, Mike's dad said angrily: "While that's true, we have strengthened it up to comply with many of the category A requirements and it is better suited to our route. It's frustrating that we did not have the chance to say that." He also set up an online website with daily updates to his blog, and details of his trip, location and the charities he's supporting. So far, Mike has raised around �2,000 apiece for both BBC Children In Need and RYA Sailability (aimed at helping disabled people to get into sailing).

    • Word count: 1010
  12. Effects of the Internet of Bagozzi's exchange paradigm

    Generalised exchange includes at least three actors, who benefit indirectly, i.e. gives to one actor and receives from another. Complex exchange is "a system of mutual relationships between at least three parties", and is a web or interconnecting restricted and generalised exchanges (Bagozzi 1975: pp. 33). Bagozzi's theory gave a theoretical framework that could be applied to all situations to help identify the key actors within the exchange. A disadvantage of Bagozzi's theory being that, identifying the actors and what is being exchanged was always difficult, as this would be difficult for each transaction, and may be unforeseen.

    • Word count: 1801
  13. Interactive Media Strategies

    In view of Mc Quail (2004) interactivity can be defined in three ways; two-way communication, reactive communication and interactive communication. This report focuses on the interactive media (i.e. Is Revlon website offering two-way communication?), which means Revlon website is involving customers and implementing two way communications. Secondly, is website a reactive communication, which means whether the website is offering something useful to the customers? Thirdly, is website offering a medium of communication between customers to company and customer to customer?

    • Word count: 3832
  14. Viacom Inc. In today's world, our culture is largely reinforced and created by the images we see in the media. Everything that the entertainment

    Paramount Pictures is another large entertainment company under the domain of Viacom. Paramount Pictures is a part of the Paramount Motion Pictures Group which includes many well-known film production companies such as MTV Films, Dreamworks SKG, Paramount Vantage, Paramount Classics, and Nick Movies. Along with Paramount Pictures, Viacom also owns and operates Paramount Home Entertainment which is a worldwide distributor and manufacturer of home entertainment products on behalf of many of the film production companies who are a part of the Paramount Motion Pictures Group. These various companies and holdings are what make up Viacom and make it one of the leading media conglomerates in the world today.

    • Word count: 1385
  15. Amazon.com, a Fortune 500 company based in Seattle, opened on the World Wide Web in July 1995

    Looking back from the two companies described, Amazon.com offers its customers a wide range of other items besides entertainment products, while on the other hand; Columbia House has been in business longer than Amazon.com, and music entertainment was all that was offered. Just recently, Columbia House has announced their new strategic marketing plan to reach their customers and to broaden their product line. It seems though that Amazon.com is way ahead of the game. June 6, 2003-Amazon.com (www.amazon.ca) today launched two new stores, Software and Computer & Video Games.

    • Word count: 907
  16. To what extent can sources published on the internet help historians of crime overcome the problems encountered when using printed or manuscript sources alone?

    Also everything is all in one place, which means that you wouldn't have to go from library to library or even country to country to get the information you would need, it's all contained together and all you need to do is go on one of the many sites to find what you were looking for. For example while using the Old Bailey database I found it relatively simple to find specific cases with many different offences, if I wanted to find out this without using the internet I would have to go all the way in to London to only find that they were probably not going to let me look at the original copies.

    • Word count: 1258
  17. How technolgy effects my community

    Also, this could then be recorded using any simple VCR. This would allow the owner to record any incidents outside for further reference if required as evidence in court and as the motto goes 'seeing is believing'. There are many different styles and features on a security camera such as night vision. This allows the owner to protect his property at night during the cover of darkness. Some cameras are also built on to a pivot, which allows them to spin a full circle, which would allow them to view a full 360 degrees around it.

    • Word count: 3469
  18. online services

    Online shopping is aimed at disabled people and people who may not have car. This makes life easier for these people as disabled people may find it difficult to get around and if you do not have access to a car you can use the internet instead of having to use public transport or having to walk. The non internet alternative is to go to the store itself. This service not only saves time having to walk around huge stores like Tesco's trying to find your essential needs but also saves energy as you are choosing your products sitting at a computer.

    • Word count: 4738
  19. Do Violent computer games make us violent?

    Jamie was taken over two miles away from the mall, being heavily tortured on the way. Jamie was eventually killed by the boys who then left his remains on a railway track so that a train would get rid of the evidence. However the murder was not put down to cold blood alone, it was largely discussed at the time by the media and in court what the real motivators of the boy's actions were. The two boys, Thompson and Venables had access to a collection of violent films, one of which was "Child's play 3" in which a possessed doll kills young children.

    • Word count: 812
  20. Searching the internet and features of PDA's

    Searching the internet To enable you to search the internet I have prepared a flow chart of the steps you need to take. (See appendix 1). By following this it should give clear directives on searching the internet. To make the process even more clear I have included step by step instructions including pictures so you can see exactly what you are meant to be doing. (See appendix 2) In step 4 you could try other search engines. Here are some more examples you could try: * www.yahoo.com * www.askjeeves.com (ask jeeves is a natural language search engine so you can just type in an actual question not just keywords)

    • Word count: 3266

    However, because the artist is not yet well known outside the local area, this will be a small target audience. Secondly, the site needs to be useful to the artist herself as a marketing tool. Lauren is an ex-pupil of Langtree School, which has been awarded specialist status as a Performing Arts College starting in September 2006. The school is keen to develop further musical links in the local community and to encourage present students to watch past successful students perform.

    • Word count: 3636
  22. Advantages and disadvantages of school children using the Internet for research

    * There are over 161,000,000 websites dedicated to the learning process. Each of which have information that can be accessed easily. * The internet can be accessed at all times which means that a child doesn't need to take time out to go and visit a library to find some books on a relevant subject. Also, as many homes have a computer with Internet access, a child can stay at home to do the work.

    • Word count: 525
  23. Topic: Does the Internet have a Positive Influence in our Society TodayResearch Question: The Internet has a Positive Influence in our Society Today

    Children and students are among the top people who use the Internet for research. Today, it is almost required that students use the Internet for research. Almost all the teachers give assignments requiring research from the Internet. In fact, one of the research studies in America shows that over 20 million people reported going online to retrieve health information(Jimmy Mattews, 1998). This shows that the Internet has become one of the biggest source for research as all that we need to do is a single click of a mouse and we are able to get constant information that is latest and up-to-date.

    • Word count: 855
  24. Evaluation of five sites

    This will then entail the users to become a regular user of the Vodafone services. To conclude I feel that this website is quite appealing and I feel that the use of colour is just right, as too much colour may lead users to think that the website is designed for younger use. I liked the website because, it had attractive special offers to regular computer users and Vodafone customers. Overall I give this website a rating of 9/10............. My second evaluation is on the website for the television soap, "Eastenders." Here is the homepage of the website: This website is designed to provide viewers of the latest storylines, information on the soaps charters and also there are games for those to have a better understanding on what is going on the weekly soap.

    • Word count: 1262
  25. The impact of ICT In My Local Community

    Floor 5- is for scientific books Floor 6- is for languages, different countries and religions or cultures. Floor7-is for adults,young children and the elderly Floor8- is a big room where there are many computers for people to browse on. It contains a scanner and anything you might need to to with your work. During the summer holidays children from the age of 7 -15 are invited to the library at least every week for different activities to do withntings like e.g. world book day, the world's reading competition. Tony Bair was amazed by the amount of things that had been done in the library to make it a better place.

    • Word count: 1470

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