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AS and A Level: Internet

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  1. The Dangers of the Internet

    He was released later that year, free to roam the Internet again. The case of Robert Colehill was one of the first chatroom-related incidents recorded, and it, along with that of Patrick Green, shocked the nation. Hundreds of parents were suddenly made aware of the ease with which potential child abusers had been interacting with their children. Despite the rapid escalation of this problem, the number of cases which have come to light and the publication of many shocking statistics, there is little to suggest that chatrooms and the internet is any safer now than it was in 2000.

    • Word count: 2143
  2. Which sources of knowledge- books, web sites, the media, personal experience, authorities or some other- do you consider most trustworthy, and why?

    . When talking about books one can already distinguish between the fiction and non fiction books. Fiction is usually defined as fantasy and non real yet sometimes the author of the book makes it seem like non-fiction. This makes it sometimes hard for the reader to say if it is fiction or not. Due to the fact that fiction is fantasy it can be said that it is not considered to be true. Therefore fiction is not trustworthy as a source of knowledge. The other type of book is non-fiction. In the Oxford School Dictionary it is defined as "writings that are not fiction; books about real people and things and true events."

    • Word count: 1553
  3. Making a website for a specific company

    Having these objectives should make the Website easy to access the information wanted by the customer whenever they want. We are making websites, which are a good source of advertising nowadays with everyone using the Internet. It is also a better resource for customers as they can keep coming back to the site at their convenience. Also it isn't wasting paper or harming the environment by producing lots of leaflets that will get thrown away or lost. If the customer would like the information on paper we can send it to them via e-mail or post, or they can print it out themselves.

    • Word count: 2898
  4. Advanced Practical production - the critical evaluation

    I have decided to merge the style of contemporary and classical theme, regarding the layout and pictures used within my project. I have decided to produce the article for a more upmarket magazine such as Company, B, or Cosmopolitan this will consist of a simple classic layout with an informal use of contemporary pictures. The CD and video will be of a similar style. The target audience for my magazine article will be for women aged 15+. My products will be open to all prospective buyers as I am basing my project on a female talent the prospective buyers could be men or women of all ages.

    • Word count: 2400
  5. I have chosen to do my Internet project on atomic structure, I have chosen this because I do Chemistry for GCSE and its one of my favourite subjects

    Google came up with the most results in both searches and Lycos came up with the least with only 6 results for atomic structure. REFINING MY SEARCH I refined my search by typing in "bonding between atoms" I found this affective in each search engine as it narrowed down my results to give me a chance to look at each website as there wasn't that many. I also found this affective as it gave me information on the topic I exactly wanted, rather than information that is irrelevant to the topic I am covering.

    • Word count: 852
  6. What does the bubblediagram show?

    Digital TVs can be equipped with the Internet and email facilities, which enable people without the Internet on their computer to use it. This digital facility is useful when it comes to purchasing goods that are viewed on a shopping channel for example. Families and people who work may find this useful as it means they can do the shopping from the comfort of their own home. * Hi-fi. Most Hi-fi usually display the time, tuning, and tracks on a CD or radio.

    • Word count: 631
  7. My aim was to produce a poster and video box advertising a film. Its purpose is to attract, target and engage the correct audience for the genre of my film through the way in which the media products are marketed.

    An example of how crime is represented in 'Carloito's Way' is in one particular scene early on in the film where there is a shooting taking place and there is red d�cor and appropriate music. The audience can associate the red colour with violence and the music signifies some event of importance. From what knowledge I had gathered I decided to use a red/maroon colour for the background of my media products as it is a strong colour and commonly associated with crime (inc.

    • Word count: 1056
  8. Treatment- About His Person By Simon Armitage

    But this will not be the case all the time, as I do not want the video to be overly literal. The video will always return to the image of the dead man as this is the most important image and should remain in the audience's mind. Some of the images will be symbolic of specific events for example the shot which shows flowers being ruthlessly trampled on represents the end of the relationship between the man and the woman. The only other character in the video is the woman with who the relationship has ended with.

    • Word count: 590
  9. Video conferencing is a type of telecommunication link, which uses telecommunication of audio and video to bring people at different location together for a meeting.

    Video conferencing can be used to share documents, computer-displayed information. When it is not possible to have a face-to-face meeting with people. Telephone conversation or conference call is sufficient or, an email exchange. But video conferencing adds visual and audio images. Video conferencing helps when: * a live conversation is needed * visual information is an important part of the conversation * the people of the conversation cannot physically come to the same location * the cost or time and travel are to be consideration.

    • Word count: 380
  10. How can Information Technology help in the Defense of Human Rights.

    Information over the internet is also free, or very inexpensive, as compared to more traditional methods of the distribution of information. And according to Amnesty International, the use of the Internet has enabled their organization to "spread their message around the world to places and people it might have never reached using traditional media." In light of this principle, several organizations now send information to thousands of supporters through the internet. Amnesty International alone, among numerous other organizations, has "More than 6000 people [who] now receive news releases Amnesty International through the promotion of [their] e-mail News Service in the website."

    • Word count: 884
  11. Guilty Winona

    She has now been bailed for twenty thousand pounds to appear in court on December 6th 2003 were she will receive her sentencing. Her predicted out come is to receive a large fine or community service, whereas, normally three years in jail would be an adequate sentencing for this crime, from a young age she was caught stealing, maybe her "inner child is the father to (her) mind" and "old habits die hard". A great concern for editors is their headlines.

    • Word count: 1250
  12. Giving Back to the state

    Working with the mayor is something completely different than reading it in a textbook. I believe you can read textbooks, and understand the information but to fully be informed you need to experience it for yourself. The competitiveness is something that can't be explained it can only be felt. These people are going to the extent of walking home to home for the people to grasp a better understanding of what they are representing. Many topics must be carefully examined before voting day. After researching the major issues of the campaign the most important topic seems to be how to maintain our small town character with expanding the availability of housing.

    • Word count: 1473
  13. The Influence of Online Gaming on Addictive Behavior

    It could be said that now is 'worse' than ever. All the user has to do is connect to a server, as a client, and play with another person half the world away. Internally, the server localizes the client's IP, may upload some necessary files to the client, and gives it permission to access other computer games that would be running. An important factor settling the quality of the online playing experience is the size of the bandwidth, since it determines the rate at which data can be sent.

    • Word count: 1073
  14. Which sources of knowledge—books, web sites, the media, personal experience, authorities or some other— do you consider most trustworthy, and why?

    Yet with the books one always has to be careful with who writes it. The author may have a biased point of view that will influence the information in them. The land of origin also is some thing that one needs to be aware about. If the book was written in a country at the time where a dictator was controlling what was being published, then the "real" truth wont come out, therefore it is important that one looks at more than one book to get a broad view of what happened. Books mostly claim what happened in the past, historical events.

    • Word count: 1061
  15. Comparisons between two teen websites

    Quizzes and trivia is one of my personal favourites on the alloy site. There is at least one new quiz each week and if you are part of their mailing list you get it sent to you as well as other promotional offers available from the site and its sponsors. The Mykindaplace site focus's more on real life stories rather than showbiz gossip. Although, it is still packed full of showbiz and celebrity stories similar to alloy. I think that it is a good idea to have real life stories as well as showbiz ones because I feel that the stories such as teen pregnancies are very informative and raise awareness.

    • Word count: 589
  16. Transforming the law is my passionate belief that I.T can be used to increase access to justice.

    Most people did not go down this avenue due to mainly time and costs. With the introduction home computers and having 24/7 access to the internet people had more than that small restricted avenue, It was the world. Oftel released the latest figures in its regular quarterly look at consumers' use of the internet. Before now the study has revealed a steady upward rise in the numbers of households getting connected to the net. In the three months between February and May this year the number of people using the net at home grew by a healthy one million homes to 34% of the total population.

    • Word count: 1623
  17. The effect of the Internet on ordinary Media.

    The research shows that exposure and experience with the Web is changing consumers' fundamental attitude towards traditional media. In comparison with other media sources, we found that user control is a critical preference attribute of the Internet as a medium, providing individual control over content source, time of access, content depth and other parameters. The survey reveals that there is a fundamental shift in media consumption occurring, and traditional publishers will need to evolve as Web adoption and use increases.

    • Word count: 757
  18. Normalisation in a Video Library

    Due to the video details being repeating attributes they need to be removed and put into 1NF by being giving their own entity. MEMBER (Membership number, Surname, Forename, Title, Street, Town, Postcode, Date of birth, Tel. No.,) Membership Number is underlined because in this case it is a key field, all the other attributes relate to this field. VIDEO RENTAL (Membership number, Video number, Video title, Category, Cost, Price, Rental price, Date borrowed) The data now needs converted to 2NF.

    • Word count: 729
  19. Mass Media, the Internet, and the Modern Consumer

    Even so, very rarely does a reader's letter elicit the same attention as a featured article. In the end, though, control lies with the producer of the publication, as does the last word. It is, after all, their product. Traditionally, because individuals knowledgeable, or even interested in a topic were difficult to locate, to find differing opinions from other sources, one had to search it out. One could either invest time at the library, money at the bookstore, or hope to come across a special on public television.

    • Word count: 2015
  20. Commentary on Four Websites

    The layout (like shop flooring) is designed to lead browsers round in a certain way but at the same time being clearly marked for direct access (if you know what you want you can get to it easily often through searches on the site). The choice of language used is of vital importances as well. Again going back to Amazon as an example, the viewer has to trust the site and harsh words would lose the sale. In this first section of the essay I'm going to look at language and content.

    • Word count: 1944
  21. Creating an I.T. Related Web Site

    I and my partner where frequently asked questions and we issued lots of advice on how to build website and how to change and improve some of the websites which our classmates had started to make. We finally decided that we could build the competition website on HTMl, this would be tied up in the category of information Technology and it would also be helpful to the people who are creating websites. It took a lot of consideration and a few plans were made to see if this task was achievable.

    • Word count: 804
  22. DVD or Digital Versatile Disc.

    Due to these facts DVD has become the fastest growing consumer electronics technology of all time. There are three main types of DVD; these are DVD-Video, DVD-ROM and DVD-Audio. DVD-Video was created to meet the requirements of the film industry by having great picture and great sound on one disc. DVD also offers features like surround sound, extras and different viewing angles. DVD-Video is now the fastest growing consumer electronics technology of all time. Several thousand titles and millions of players are now in use around the world, with annual sales of players and discs doubling each year.

    • Word count: 1164
  23. Roswell Documentary Analysis

    Also 'extraordinary' is just the start of the over used dramatic language that is clear throughout the blurb. 'Rigorously suppressed', 'remarkable evidence', 'sensational', and 'remarkable' is just an example of the exaggerated language in this blurb. There is also a picture of an 'Alien' on the front, back and middle of the video cover. The repetition of this picture ensures that whichever way this video is stocked in the shop it is always eye-catching. As well as this there is a sticker on the front cover of the video that reads:- 'EXCLUSIVE!

    • Word count: 939
  24. Design Section – Gcse Ict Coursework Two – Database Project AndrÉ Skepple-Garraway – Candidate No.

    Title 50 -- Video title to recognise the video by the staff and customers. Barcode 15 Input mask: "5 "000000\ 000000 The number recognised when the video is scanned in. Number created by manufacturers. VHS or DVD 3 Input mask: LLL To tell what format the video is to categorise by. Rating 2 -- The video's rating to restrict the purchase of video to people under-age. Stock Number The number of stock of a video. Genre Text 20 The type of film the video is to categorise by.

    • Word count: 764
  25. GCSE Website Project

    When completed I will upload the web site using FTP Explorer to the Internet, which will enable the site to be accessed from all over the world. Analysis To complete the task of creating a web site for the school I will have to first create a layout, which is easy to understand, use, and navigate through. This is not an easy task so I have decided to create more than one plan to test so that I can create the easiest website to understand, use, and navigate through.

    • Word count: 1932

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