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Is Television A Good Or Bad Influence?

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Is Television A Good Or Bad Influence? There is a lot of discussion about weather television is a good or bad influence for family life. There are many positive points and also many negative ones. Now I will run through some of each. The main complaint about TV is that there is too much violence and sexual reference that can be accessed easily by children. For young children growing up this level of viewing is quiet unacceptable. It seems that violent, mature programming must suit adults and if this is so, the time should be adjusted to suit young children's viewing times. It could be said that violence is even evident in children's cartoons, such as Tom and Jerry(tm) ...read more.


Family life will also be affected by television. Some people will admit to having there lives based around television schedules. They can get addicted to the routine of watching soaps that they will not willingly miss an episode. When the famous, "Big Brother", series ended there was supposed to be counciling sessions set up for people who were suffering from withdrawal symptoms. This shows how extreme the situations of addiction can be. One argument for television is that it provides instant access to news as well as other important information. A wide variety of documentaries are produced and provided. Many people of all levels can enjoy as well as be educated by this type of programming. A range of educational programmes are provided during the day which are useful to both schools and children. ...read more.


In other views it could be said that advertising is a way for a consumer to get to know a product or service. It is also used by charities to raise funds and to make people aware of their existence. Television provides a range of entertainment. Some people may not be happy with some of that entertainment but the message given out to them is to not watch what they don't like. For sports fans it is a way to follow their favourite team or club from the comfort of their own home. In my opinion, for people who think television is a bad influence then they don't have to watch it. It is only an option and not a necessity. For people who enjoy it then they should watch it from time to time but never depend on it. It should be seen as a form of entertainment and not a way of life. ...read more.

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