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Is the image of women changing?

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Is the image of women changing? As I flick through the latest issue of 'Hello!' magazine, my mouth stands agape as I see page upon page filled with skimpily clad young women, many of them celebrities. My mouth continues to widen as I see that many of the celebs, not content with being featured once, appear repeatedly flashing slightly more flesh than they should be. Is this to be the future for all the young women on this planet? Even if the answer to this is no, it would seem that 'flashing the flesh' has become rather more commonplace than any of us can imagine, especially among the celebrities in the world. But what can any young girl expect these days when flicking through her favourite magazine? The editors are hardly likely to print pictures of celebs with not an inch of flesh showing, are they? No. ...read more.


The more intelligent half of the population would discard 'Hello!' magazine without a second glance, but what about the people who go out and buy this publication time after time? It would seem that these people's lives are so boring and uneventful they feel they have to delve into someone else's private life, in order to feel better about their own. Evidently if people feel the need to read magazines such as this then they obviously don't value their own life very highly, or else they would be reading more elaborate materials. So is the image of women in general changing? 'Hello!' magazine undoubtedly shows that this is the case. Most of the celebs that 'crop up' wearing provocative garments are, more often than not, positively threadlike. The majority of young women reading this magazine will immediately aspire to be as slim as the celebrity in question, myself not being one of these women. ...read more.


Just scanning over these headlines is enough to make any well-bred human being pass over the story, not even giving it an additional glance, but countless numbers of people would read on without a second thought. Are all the na�ve people in the world just looking for a place where they can find comfort and enjoyment? It would seem so. People who find reading stories such as these and gawping at skimpily clothed celebs enthralling, apparently don't have anything better to do with their time because if they did they would be out doing more exciting things, such as shopping or going to the cinema. Is the world just a window on which stars lives can be exposed and dirtied by the fingerprints of the media? Has the image of women changed since the introduction of provocative evening wear and lingerie? 'Hello!' magazine is one of many publications that shows that the answer to these questions is a true and definite yes, but there are a few where the answers to these questions would remain unanswered and undecided. Naomi Bunegar 11SB Pg1 ...read more.

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