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Is Too Much Television Affecting Teenagers?

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Is Too Much Television Affecting Teenagers? Today, television is getting more and more popular with the younger generation. Many teenagers spend their spare time watching the television. Television is bad for teenagers in numerous cases, and this essay is going to explain why. A great deal of teenagers in today's society goes home from school with work to do, and as soon as they enter the door, they sit in front of the television. This happens day after day, week after week and year after year. Teenagers do not think of homework as practice for exams that will do them good; they think of it more as a punishment, or something they have to do. ...read more.


The average time for teenagers to go to bed is about 10.00 to 10.30. This leaves plenty of time to watch such material. Despite the bad side, as you may be aware, there are channels of intellectual content, such as the National Geographic/History Channels, and there is the news which is on practically every channel. This is all very well, but I do not agree that many people watch such channels. Many teenagers watch programmes of interest to them, for example comedy, action etc. A very small percentage watches these intellectual programmes, (20%). Furthermore, one of the worst factors of television is that there is the un-motivating side. When teenagers watch too much television, they do not exercise as regularly as they should, therefore becoming unhealthy. ...read more.


Moreover, the fact of advertisements on television is quite aggravating to some. From personal experience, the viewers who are so focused on the television are so wound up by the number of adverts interrupting the television. However, this encourages the viewers to go out to the shops and buy the items advertised. On top of the money wasted on the television, there is even more money wasted on the shops. So from reading this report, I just want you to think about what you are watching. Try not to be an easy target for those advertisements, not to give too much attention to the news, and remember that there are other things to do (that are more productive), and remember that the television isn't always good. 08/05/2007 1 Michael Maunder Taylor ...read more.

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