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'It can be reasonably argued that the vast majority of musical production at any one time involves musicians working in relatively stable 'genre worlds' within which ongoing creative practice is not so much about sudden bursts but he continual producti...

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'It can be reasonably argued that the vast majority of musical production at any one time involves musicians working in relatively stable 'genre worlds' within which ongoing creative practice is not so much about sudden bursts but he continual production of familiarity..... such rules may guide the notes a guitarist may select to play... the way a star may conduct themselves in public... the way the audiences behave... and how journalists may aesthetically evaluate a performance' Negus K. (1999) Music Genres & Corporate Cultures When talking about the Hip Hop genre theres are certain codes and traits which artists have been following for years and then there are certain stereotypes. For example you can look at a picture of Jay-Z taken in 1999, he's wearing baggy trousers, Timberland Boots and a hooded top, you then look at a picture in 2003 and you see him wearing the same. These codes of familiarity are mimicked by the fans.in this genre one glance at someones trainers turns into a full scale investigation into the music they like whether theyre into the straight up gangsta rappers like 50 cent or the 'blingers' like Jay-Z. Hip Hop has always drawn a lot of its creative energy from the underworld, labels like Death Row, Murder Inc and Bad Boy reflect this. The style of dress code of trousers falling from the waist comes from prison where inmates aren't allowed to wear belts. ...read more.


The Neptunes are proving the most popular, they have been producing songs for everyone from Britney Spears to Busta Rhymes and theres a certain beat or rhythm where you just know that it's the Neptune's have stamped their mark on it. Gangsta rap has roots in the rap tradition and has social and political issues yet record companies take rap artists who arent "real" and who have never been to a hood and exploit them as having done so. Radio 1 recently launched a radio station solely for hip hop and r 'n' b, however even some of their DJ's argued why have a specifically black station when black music is now mainstream. Media has commercialised this culture so much it is now being sold as an actual lifestyle. Rappers are obsessed with the bling bling lifestyle of cars, money and women and fans are wanting it all as well. Nelly has released a drink called 'Pimp Juice', Justin Timberlake is promoting McDonalds and numerous stars have their own clothes labels like Jay Z, P Diddy and Nelly.The term bling bling however has been around for sometime. Rapper B.G penned a track called bling bling applying to big showy jewellery. However its only now reaching the masses. It was toned down by the Oscars and hyped up by the public. If somebody is using it now then you know it is new to their vocabulary. ...read more.


A typical case of this on a global scale is Eminem, his first album "The Slim Shady EP" was not widely available and did not sell well as it was not promoted too much and he wasnt signed to a large record label. At this point Eminem would have had respect from the backpackers, but as soon as Dr Dre signed him to Aftermath Records and he started to sell records and have a huge range of listeners people began to say he had sold out, even though his music was just as good as before. Its all about the image of the artist, they have to be seen to still be connected to the ghetto in some way and not have lost touch with their roots, if not they lose the respect of many fans. This can be hard for some artists to do and many try to attain a hardcore image by the people they hang around with or by 'packing weapons' and talkin like they are real gangsta's makin threats and such in their song lyrics. This can only then promote violence, and has an influence on fans who aspire to be like their idols and hear them talking about killing people so they go out and do the same, even though as Eminem said, people have to realise that what he says in his songs he just says to get a reaction, not because he actually does the things or believes in it. ...read more.

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