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It is generally believed that the purpose of a newspaper is to state the facts about what is going on in the world around us - propeganda

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It is generally believed that the purpose of a newspaper is to state the facts about what is going on in the world around us. However, media has long been a way of manipulating the minds of the greater population into holding certain values and opinions. Propaganda is used frequently in everyday life to manipulate our thoughts, and despite what the majority of us think it does affect our opinions. In general, we believe that what is potrayed as "News" is fact, but often the facts are twisted to support the political views of the newspaper or journalist. This essay will explore the way in which two newspapers present the footballer Lee Bowyer's story. By comparing the way two newspapers, the mirror and the Daily telegraph report on the same event. There are two main types of newspapers, Tabloid, like the mirror and Broadsheet like the Daily Telegraph. Tabloids are the most popular types of paper; it is often smaller in size, more colourful. ...read more.


The Daily Telegraph shows no sub-heading to help determine easily the make-up of the story The mirror writes in simple everyday English for their reading public namely the youth and the working class. The mirror uses expression like "smoking pot" to meet the reading needs of their customers. Their reporting is quite detail and informative. The Daily Telegraph, on the other hand uses refined language and always to the point. This means the Daily Telegraph uses fewer amounts of words to report on a similar case. Could this mean their customers hate reading long stories? The mirror devotes a lot of space for the case in point spreading on to nearly three pages. This enables them to give the reading public much detailed reporting for them to draw their own conclusions. There appears to be unbiased reporting as readers are given much food for thought. Will this mean that the Broadsheets find such events unimportant and require not much attention? ...read more.


The Daily Telegraph could only find a place inside their pages for a smaller version of the picture. The mirror contains opinions from prominent as well as ordinary people including Hon. Tony Banks and Fan Colin Hargreaves. Both opinions do support the position taken by the club with Tony Banks suggesting there should be no place for Lee Bowyer in football. The Daily Telegraph appears not to interview anyone for opinions of any kind and only report the facts in abridged form. The mirror publishes the full statements issued by both Lee Bowyer and his team-Leeds. The mirror carries the opinion exercise to other premier clubs for their views on the misconduct of Lee Bowyer. Considering the points raised regarding the two different reporting, I conclude that news items mean differently to the Broadsheets and the Tabloid. It shows areas each devotes their resources to better served their readers In my opinion I prefer the Daily Telegraph to the mirror because it's more to the point. It doesn't mess around with puns or large flashily pictures, it gets to the point in great detail. It also gives lots of opinions from lots of angles. ...read more.

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