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Jennifer Lopez - Using the video clip, the magazine article and the newspaper article, analyse how a positive image of a celebrity is presented through the different media. You should compare and contrast the different ways they are presented.

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English Media Assignment 1 Jennifer Lopez Task Using the video clip, the magazine article and the newspaper article, analyse how a positive image of a celebrity is presented through the different media. You should compare and contrast the different ways they are presented. I have been given an assignment to discuss a magazine article, a newspaper article and a video clip. I have chosen to discuss Jennifer Lopez. I will be discussing the magazine article first followed by the newspaper article and finally by the video clip. First of all I am going to discuss the picture in the magazine article, the picture we are given is in black & white, which, is slightly a disadvantage when talking and discussing articles. The picture of Jennifer Lopez in the magazine article is covering more than half the page; the picture of Jennifer Lopez has been taken from such an angle so the viewers can only see one side of her face. Pictures such as this, which are taken from the side, are very popular. Viewers say they rather have a picture from the side of a person rather than a straight picture from the front. ...read more.


at a younger age she was poor, may be not that poor, but with the riches she has now the words say she is still the same person she was say 20 years ago. Although she says she is it may not seem so, this is slightly a negative impact to her image as the newspaper continues to say, "But with a reported entourage of 20 staff apparently tending to her every whim, it seems hard to believe". Yes this is hard to believe; as she wouldn't have 20 people tending to her every need when she was younger and this tells us fame has affected her. The newspaper tells us Jennifer will be appearing on a T.V. show to find out whether fame has affected or changed her. This newspaper does not give a very good positive attitude towards Jennifer Lopez as the paper says she a "Diva" which is not a compliment for any star. The next paragraph gives a different perspective as they bring in Ben Affleck her fianc�e for her forthcoming marriage. They write saying that her wedding is pronounced the wedding of the year as later she does not get married at all, but this paper is not a new one. ...read more.


Her skin is reflected back in to the camera so it gives the viewers what they wanted to see. I think given reading both the newspaper article and the magazine article and watching the Jennifer Lopez video I think the video would promote better to give a very positive image of herself and her body. I chose this because the magazine article has a very short amount of text with a large picture of Jennifer Lopez, the picture we were given was in black & white which was a bit of a disadvantage which I have already said and also the quotes, which are used, may not be for real. I never chose the newspaper article because the paper talks about her life not from the beginning of her life but when she became a star and worked away from there and the picture being rather small with her fianc�e beside her. The video is the only source of information, which would be easy for self-promotion and cannot be mistaken for her quote she used as you can take them straight from the dialogue of her interview. The video has music of Jennifer's solo played continuously, which for some viewers is attracted to, and her appearance she had at the interview. English Farhaan Mahamood Jackie Hoggarth -1- Media Assignment 1 ...read more.

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