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Journalist Nicola Gill wrote the article "My date with Blind Date" in the Cosmopolitan. Nicola posed as a contestant on the programme Blind Date to expose how it was made. In her article

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Media Assignment - Part one Journalist Nicola Gill wrote the article "My date with Blind Date" in the Cosmopolitan. Nicola posed as a contestant on the programme Blind Date to expose how it was made. In her article Nicola immediately tried to gain and hold her audiences attention by the bold, large font title, "My Date with Blind Date". This title is clever and catchy so it grabs the attention of people who like Blind Date, as they would enjoy the gossip of the show, and people who dislike Blind Date, as they could be proven right about their thoughts of the show being faked. The subtitle at the top of the page is very attention drawing as the readers want to here the secret under cover news that no one else has. "Exclusive undercover report". These words are secretive and show that the journalist was dishonest to get the report, which makes it make it more exclusive. The extended subtitle is a brief on the article; it says how successful and big the show is to sells article to the reader "20,000 people fight to get on it", "Behind those famous screens". ...read more.


The producer chooses someone who is confident and flirty - some one who has no problem getting dates. In step three Nicola finds is told to come up with nine questions from which two questions will be chosen and the third question will be given by the team. The audience would normally presume all the questions were thought of by the picker. The pickees were given Nicolas questions an hour prier to the show and left with a researcher to think of answers. Before Nicola would walk down the famous stairs to meet Cilla and odd thing happened, the make up-girl went to see the three "pickees" then returned with organised gestures made to Fiona the researcher of the numbers of the pickees, she crossed out one and two but left number three. Nicola wrote in her article "As far as I can see - it's as if I'm supposed to see". She was right, it was an indirect way of telling her to choose number three, but Nicola had read the signs wrongly the make-up girl was actually underlining number 2. This is shown at the end of step four when Fiona leaps at Nicola and hisses, "You were meant to pick number 2!" ...read more.


Nicola is humiliated in font of the audience but afterwards Cilla and the rest of the Blind Date team with the exception of Martin the assistant producer who states "We're just very disappointed on you" are very calm and forgiving, most of all the producer Chris who gave Nicola a huge hug and asks "When's the article coming out? We can't wait to read it?" I think the producers of the show were upset that Nicola had betrayed them and that's why they got their revenge with the public humiliation. I also think Nicola deserved the public humiliation as she deceived many people who worked on the show and abused their trust, her date must have also been humiliated as he found out Nicola was journalist in front of a live audience. I think Nicola was justified in the way she obtained her story as even though she lied to get onto the show and lied throughout the show about her identity, she did it to get the total truth about Blind Date. If Nicola did tell the truth about herself she would either of not have been let on the show or the producers of Blind Date would have run a dummy show and made it look less faked. ?? ?? ?? ?? Meera Makwana Media assignment - part one 10 VW/RA English ...read more.

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