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Know the benefits of an online presence.

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Know the benefits of an online presence In this assignment I have to identify and describe five principal benefits that businesses gain by having a simple online presence. The five benefits I have chosen are: * Access to new markets * Marketing benefits * Compete with competition * Market research * Rapidity of response to customer interest Access to new markets Going online enables even the smallest business to make contact with a wider range of customers. Remote locations The internet is a boon to anyone who lives miles away from a main shopping centre because they can simply select the items they want and order them online. ...read more.


Marketing Benefits Marketing benefits relate to those gains a business makes in a relation to knowing more than its customers, being able to target its products, services ad the website itself to meet Their needs. This will also make there company well known to other foreign countries and will be willing to do a transaction knowing of there prestige Compete with competitors The aim here is to prevent competitors getting online 'edge'. This may be improving on the products, or services offered, the speed of delivery, the cost of delivery and/or constantly reviewing the style and design of the website itself to utilize new technological developments. ...read more.


Online Market Research this can range from a small pop-up questionnaire that asks a user to assess their online experience to comprehensive customer survey sent by an e-mail to registered users of the site or to volunteers who have agreed to form an online focus group. Rapidity of response to customer interest A web presence provides the opportunity to respond quickly to customers - but not all firms take advantage of this. A website can provide several opportunities for customer contact, such as 'call me' buttons and e-mail messages, but speed of response is vital Research has shown that internet users expect a faster response than customers who enquire by telephone or letter. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kulvinder Mahal Mr. Chauhan Unit 8 - Online Business P5 ...read more.

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