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Kurt Cobain and Nirvana

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Kurt Cobain and Nirvana Nirvana is seen as one of the most influential bands since the Beatles, and Kurt Cobain as one of the greatest songwriters of all time. Kurt Donald Cobain was born on the 20th February 1967. As a child he was hyperactive so he was prescribed drugs to help him concentrate but these drugs kept him awake until four am, so he was given sedatives to help him sleep. At the age of seven his parents divorced, this left Kurt shy and 'difficult' to control. For this much of his young life he lived with various family members, once he even lived with his school headmaster for a few months. He was also homeless for some time. During this time he lived beneath a bridge. This period of his life is reflected in the song 'Sliver' "Mom and dad went to the show, they dropped me at Grandpa Joe's, I kicked and screamed, said please and please, oh Grandma take me home". In 1979 when Kurt's dad joined a record club, this exposed Kurt to legendary rock/metal bands such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Kiss. ...read more.


He agreed. With Dave now behind the drums the true sound of Nirvana was released. They managed to combine loud distorted guitar riffs with smooth melodies while still producing a sound that, while totally original, was also a pleasure to listen to. The band moved their contract to Geffen Records and near the end of 1991 released their album 'Nevermind'. It went to one hundred and forty-four on the album chart, but after an appearance on the MTV show 'Headbanger's Ball' (MTV was the only music channel that had alternative music, and this show in particular was one of the most popular MTV programs ever) and a live performance on 'Saturday Night Live', the album went straight to number one despite competition from Michael Jackson. This new album was revolution in music, and did what many other bands could not. The music on the album did not follow any traditional structures and was extremely distinctive from any other bands of the time. Typically the album had slow verses and faster choruses. This is true of such songs as 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and 'In Bloom' which were both released as singles. ...read more.


Courtney threatened to divorce him if he did not sort out his drug problems so he went to a voluntary rehabilitation centre. A few days later he escaped (jumping over a wall) and went to his house (he said the centre was "A place for retards"). When Courtney found out he had left she did not know where he had gone. She cancelled his credit card and expected him to phone her when he ran out of money. She also hired private investigator Tom Grant to track Kurt down. About a week later Kurt's body was discovered in the greenhouse above the garage. After a police investigation they concluded that he had taken a triple overdose of heroin and then put the barrel of a shotgun in his mouth, before pulling the trigger. In the suicide note (addressed to his childhood imaginary friend Boddah) he spoke of how he did not really enjoy performing his music. He wanted to be exhilarated like Freddie Mercury had been before playing a concert, but he couldn't do it. He also did not want his daughter to turn out how he did. In the end he says to remember "It's better to burn out than to fade away" which is exactly what he did. ...read more.

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