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Launching a movie successfully

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1. Executive summary Movie marketing plays a crucial role in launching movies, although it can be expensive and is often a significant part of the entire movie cost. It is important to understand some insights of movies marketing. In this report, there are five questions to be answered respectively. Firstly, we will identify some key factors in launching a movie successfully. Secondly, the different promotional methods in launching movies will be evaluated and commenting on their efficiency and effectiveness. Thirdly, the role of critics in movie marketing will be discussed. After that, we will discuss the reasons of marketers for investing vast sums of money in movie product placement. Finally, the risks associated with movie product placement will be discussed. 2. Key factors in launching a movie successfully When a new movie is made, it has to be advertised like any other new product, to attract and encourage people to go to the cinema to see it. The more people go to see it, the more successful the movie is. What are key factors in launching a movie successfully? The answer is creating an effective movie marketing campaign for it. The way in which a film is promoted can have a huge effect on whether or not it is successful (Film Education, 2003). There are several things marketers need to do as follows1: identifying target audiences; grassroots marketing, publicity and promotion; building additional marketability into your property; the festival circuit; pitching and working with the media; creating the materials needed to sell and market your film and how to finance and get your project made and distributed. 2.1 Identifying target audiences When a film is being marketed, researchers need to identify who the film's target audience is - in other words, which people will particularly enjoy the film. The target audiences for the majority of films are the 'heavy cinema goers', i.e. 'Finding Nemo' marketing campaign will mainly target 7-15 years old children. ...read more.


Difference between these two is that reviewer quotes is published in the specialist for films while magazine content is merely put in a general magazine with other non-movie content. Consequently, reviewer quotes can provide the potential audiences more detail, complete and to some extent deeper information about the movie while magazine content just give a general reviews, brief profiles or part of the interviews of the movie. Though cheaper, magazine is not as popular as other media like TV and internet. Thus, its exposure to public is quite limit. But once it is found meaningful especially by fans, it can be kept for a whole life. Both of them are feasible for all kinds of films and do not necessary target for certain types of audiences. Layout is the most significant factor as it has to appeal to as many as possible readers. Putting a couple of postcards of the movie would be quite helpful. 4. The Role of Critics in Movie Marketing Critics are the persons usually employed by newspaper, magazines, or television stations, who provide their subjective comments on newly released films for the public information (Eliashberg and Shugan, 1997). Their reviews are particularly important in the movie industry and have certain of effect on individuals, group, and even movie product itself. Few marketing scholars considered the relationship between performances of box office and the potential role of critics and have concluded that critics can be seen as influencers and predictors. The two roles were been discussed for their position and it is believed that influencers can give a much greater impact on box office revenues in terms of movie marketing strategy. 4.1 Influencers Critics are often being regarded as an opinion leader by a group who possess expertise and knowledge on a specific subject. People usually seek out critics' review for helping them to decide which film to see. From the information of The Wall Street Journal (2001), it suggested that more than one-third of American seek movie critics' advice and ...read more.


brands featured in films are already familiar to viewers.5 Finally, audience may be annoyed to see a particular brand on the scene frequently. Brand placement may not compromise the artistic integrity of films, causing disappointment or aversion to the product among audiences. In this way, product placement approach only has counter-effect toward the consumers. 7. Conclusion In conclusion, by analysing the case study of movie marketing, there are a large number of factors that contribute to the success of a movie. Moreover, movie studios have to spend a vast sum of money by implementing different promotional vehicles in launching their blockbuster movies to attract potential customers to see the movie. Also, critics play influential and predictive roles in movie marketing which have greater impact on box office revenues. Although there are some risks associated with movie product placement, marketers think that it is an effective way to advertise the product. The film industry is an extremely big business where millions of dollars are spent on producing a film. And the success of the movie will greatly depend upon the marketing and advertising of the movie. Appendices Factors of a publicity of poster Design a publicity poster for a movie. Your poster must include: *?The title of the film *?The names of the film's main stars *?Information in small print about the film's director, writers, producers, distributors and music. *?The film's certification *?A 'tag line' that tells us something about the film - something that makes us want to know more. 4 Ps of Movie Marketing Product A film needs to be clearly identifiable in its marketing - genre, stars, story, special effects, style all need to be presented to the audience so they can select the film on the basis of content Placing A film has to have the right release date - Christmas for a Christmas movie etc. Its release date will also depend on what else is being released at the same time films have to fight it out for cinema screens. ...read more.

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