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LDV reflection (3rd May 2004-16th May 2004).

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LDV reflection (3rd May 2004-16th May 2004) Sheela Anastasia Salleh Assignment, assignment and more assignments had been clogging our minds this fortnight. With datelines for Social Studies and Numerical Literacy in tow, it seems that I'm wishing I have 25 hours in a day. These two weeks, we had been focusing in the topic of environment and many activities focused in this topic. For example, we had been doing an activity from the course book about birds in danger. Taken from the course book, this activity required us to read the text given and to answer the questions given. I think this activity had attract my attention as it was fun and it had also made me aware of the disadvantages of tourism as the text was about the threat faced by the birds in Hawaii. Never before I imagined that wildlife are suffering in that paradise island. Other than that, we had also participated in an activity which required us to sing. As I aware that the class loves singing, I think many of us enjoyed it. Once again, the activity focuses on the environment. The song sung by us was actually the famous 'recycle' song. Here, my listening skill was put to test as the song was very fast and it was very hard to catch the singer was singing about. ...read more.


For example, it is encouraged for visitors to leave some food in their plates in some parts of the world whilst in another parts of the world, this may be considered rude. From this activity there are many lessons that can be learned. I am glad that we did this activity as now I knew the dos and don'ts in some countries. The best event of the fortnight is the screening of the classic movie, 'the sound of music'. Being a classic, surely most of us watched the movie. But for me, it was my first time watching it thoroughly and completely. What I love about the movie were certainly the songs and the scenery. The songs were timeless, my favourites are 'climb every mountain (there's a new version sung by Guy Sebastian) and the opening song. The scenery of the Austrian Alps is certainly breath taking and had made part of me wanting to be there. My favourite character is Liesl, the eldest daughter of Capt. Von Trapp. I like her because she represents the innocence and I can relate to her 'girl wanting to be a woman' experiences. In conclusion, the topic of culture had lifted my spirit to learn more and partly eliminated the 'can't wait for the holiday' spirit. But at the end of the day, all I want to do is to fly off home. LDV Reflection (31st May 2004-13 June 2004) ...read more.


In the end of the day, I realised that I think it is ok for animals to be kept in the zoo for the intention of researches and to keep them from the threat of poaching and habitat destruction. The zoo is also a great way to educate people about wild life. Everyone was sleepy and tired as we approached the national science centre. The first thing that intrigued me was the 'kubah gema' at the entrance of the centre. Then my favourite exhibit of all, the fishes, and like those in the zoo, they're huge! Honestly, they are they only thing there that catches my intention. Then, we went on the guided tour of the Nobel peace prize that not to offence anyone, just plain boring. Maybe because the room was dark and I'm in the sleepy mode, I just lost my interest but some of the exhibits are really interesting, especially that weird device they used to put all the posters of the winners. I also learned a few things, what I remembered most was that Noble prize winners got millions of dollars! Wow! Then, we exited the centre and made our way to the gift shop and finally I got some retail therapy. In all, the trip was the best ever and I just love field trip. It may be the most tiresome day of my life; I doze off as soon as I arrived home! But it certainly one of the best day EVER! ...read more.

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