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Let Him Have it

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In the film version of the case of Craig and Bently-"Let Him Have it" the director has chosen to be bias and uses it in different ways. Bias is when you only have a one sided view of something. The film can show that the director is biased. The things that show this are that you get much more background information on Derek Bently and his family. Immediately this favours Derek Bently as the audience watching feel closer and more informer on his background, so therefore they know more about him and want him to win this case. The director has chosen go give information and situations of Derek's epilepsy. The first scene of the film is of the blitz in the war and Derek under the rouble. This is what the doctor's thought caused the epilepsy. The director also chooses to show Derek in a situation where he starts to have an epileptic fit, once his parents have decided to let him go out on his own. ...read more.


These collectively show a very one-sided view of the murder and the trial. In the trial scene Medek uses characterisation to show bias. Chris Craig is presented to be a very sarcastic, guilty boy. He is made out to be the villain. When he was given his sentence after being given his sentence there is a shot of him smiling. This showed Craig as not even caring that he has been proven guilty for murder. Also he is sarcastic when the judge asked if he took his guns to school, Craig replied "Well not all at the same time." This shows a lack of respect for he judge and Craig is again perceived as the villain. However Bentley is shown to be very nervous and scared about what could happen. We are told that Bentley is illiterate and not very intelligent this also made the audience sympathise as it was why he was acting in the way he was. He didn't seem to know what to do or say, his head was mostly down and gave very short quick answers to the prosecutor. ...read more.


Also it shows that Bentley has a loving family, and on the other hand Craig has no family present that we can see. The only actually family we are introduced to in the film is his older brother who was arrested and taken to prison. This would make you think that if Bentley had such a caring family why would he want to help to kill someone. Also the camera shot of Bentley eventually gets closer and closer to him. Here you can see that he is trembling and is incredibly upset, this would make people very sympathetic. Craig was only shown to being sarcastic and rude. This has shown that Peter Medek was very successful at achieving sympathy from the audience for Derek Bentley and his family through bias. The overall dramatic impact of the director's effects is likely to make viewers believe that Bentley was given an unfair trial and was innocent. As well as this they are likely to believe that Craig was a very manipulative person who persuaded Bentley to go with him. Also Craig was shown to be an arrogant person who cares only about himself. By Sarah Morgan ...read more.

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