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Lethal weapon and Seven

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Media Essay Lethal weapon and Seven have a few distinct similarities for example their genres are very alike. Lethal weapon is a crime horror and so is Seven. Seven is a lot darker than lethal weapon as lethal weapon has some humour in it. I think seven is a lot more on the side of the horror but features a lot of police drama as well. The stars are quite similar there is one black star and one white. In seven these are Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt. In both films the plot starts very quickly, in seven the first thing that happens is we get introduced to both characters and the transition from the old cop and the new cop. In Lethal Weapon the first thing we see is the death of the prostitute and we get introduced to both characters after this disturbing first shot this shows the sturdiness off the older cops life and the madness of the younger cop. The camera shots used in the first scene introduce you to the genre very well. ...read more.


All genres have conventions horrors being one off the easiest ones to spot. The first thing to look for in a horror film is the dark colours and scary or fatal music. We always look for the chilling font or the dark imagery. The thriller genre is a mix of crime and horror both these films fit into this category. They both rely on the suspense factor a lot the suspense factor includes codes of enigma. I don't think there is a separate category for thriller this is a mix for things that don't fit entirely into the horror genre. Hollywood films always use big stars because audiences recognise them and relate them to a certain genre. If we really like a certain star we mostly go and see the films with them in it. In the two films we have seen the stars used are very obviously used for reasons. Morgan Freeman in Seven is used because of his past background of being in police films. ...read more.


Editing is used in Hollywood films quite often. This often makes the film more exciting as you can cut from shot to shot very easily. This is used in Lethal weapon to show each character in turn in some scenes. In Seven the changes of shot are a lot more subtle they sometimes go close on people then turn to a extreme long shot to give you an overview. Clear characters are essential as the audience must be able to understand them or relate to them in some way. In most Hollywood films they use a stereotype or two EG the dumb blonde. More and more Hollywood directors are moving away from these and are giving the typical stereotypes a makeover. Hollywood films also use binary opposition which creates conflict. I.e. Mills vs. Somerset (Old vs. Young.) This therefore causes interest. Different genres have different ways of representing each group of people. I think women should always be portrayed as strong and men sometimes as weak people. I have learnt a lot about horror and crime films. Hollywood producers and directors use a variety of techniques to entertain audiences. The main points in my essay are about camera shots, characters and setting the scene. ...read more.

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