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Lifestyle documentaries -we decided we were going to use my partners production, Slap on Beauty being about a friend of hers who is always aware of the way she looks, while spending all her money on fashion and beauty products. The reason why we cho

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Media Report. Sugar Rush is about a girl who had been diagnosed with diabetes three years ago and shows how she has had to adapt her lifestyle after the diagnosis. The target audience which Sugar Rush is aimed at, are females between the ages of 16 and 22. This is because many people, especially younger people, don't understand reasons as to why some people have to change their lifestyle and the way in which the diagnosis effects what they can and can't do. The preferred reading for Sugar Rush is that you can still lead a normal life with only having to not do certain things or having restrictions on food and drink choices. For the audience, it provides escapism with some information. This is because the intended broadcaster, BBC3, is known for broadcasting mainly programmes watched for escapism. BBC3's target audience enjoy watching programmes of this genre because they are easy to watch, examples of these shows include "Snog, ...read more.


From the results, I found that some of the females enjoy watching documentaries which they can relate to, one main theme being about fashion and beauty, however others said that they prefer watching lifestyle documentaries which wasn't all about fashion. From watching the BBC3 programmes, I found that one regular feature was the use of filming the person in their private domain, giving a bigger insight as to what the person is like. There was also a lot of interviews with friends and family who were expressing their own opinions as to what they genuinely thought about the way the main figure is as a person and how they could change. I used this feature in my storyboard because I wanted to show opinions from family members as to how Meghan had coped with the diabetes and what she struggled with after the diagnosis. ...read more.


The way in which the audience is targeted is through the representation of Holly and how many females in the audience can relate to her because they too have an obsession with the way they look, to make themselves feel good. After we had completed the filming and editing of Slap on Beauty, we asked a selection of people to watch it and answer a questionnaire which we had put together to find out what the strengths and weaknesses were and how we could have made it better. From the results, we found that one strength on Slap on Beauty was that Holly was represented well which meant that the audience could relate to her. However, one weakness which was pointed out was the lack of interviews with not enough people being interviewed. Taking these responses into consideration, I think that if we had to improve anything, it would be making the voices louder on the interviews because they were quite quiet, so the audience were unable to understand what was being said by the person. ...read more.

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