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Loot - Context

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Loot - Context Joe Orton was the son of a gardener and a mechanist, he had an ordinary schooling in Leicester, where he was born, and started working at the age of 16. For 2 years he got often sacked from his employers since what he did didn't interest him. At night he was member of many different amateur dramatic societies, what inspired him to become a professional actor. With the help of private tutition, he managed to get into R.A.D.A. He claims not to have learnt anything for the first year, but he says that he had lost his confidence. ...read more.


His can be clearly seen in the first scene, where Fay asks McLeavy, right after Mrs Mc Leavy's death, if he has "considered a second marriage yet?" Kenneth and Orton have experienced 3 months of jail during their relationship, after they had been sentenced for vandalising the covers of public library books. During this 3-month period, he has been overcome with this feeling of disrespect for the police force and in the play "Loot", especially; he shows this feeling and uses Trustcott to undermine the police authorities. Joe Orton was influenced by other plays, before he introduced his contemporary works. ...read more.


For example, Jimmy, one of the main characters, says to Alison (his wife) "If only something- something could happen to you, and wake you out of your beauty sleep! If you could have a child, and it would die." This play was written in the sixties, a period of time where people wanted to liberate society from the "post-war tranquillity" mood that had settled in the UK after WW2. The sixties were a time of change. New music bands were influencing the new era, but not only that: the first man on the moon, new "daring" movie stars such of Marilyn Monroe, and the women's liberation movement starting to expand, with the publishing of "The feminine Mystique" by Betty Friedan. ...read more.

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