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Magazine Analysis of GQ Magazine

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Magazine Analysis of GQ Magazine GQ magazine is a men's magazine, which could appeal to some women, but the majority of readers are men, it appeals to a mass 18 - 35 year old men. The audience can purchase this magazine every month for the price of �3.30. The main editor Dylan Jones tries to project his own lifestyle through the magazine well sending a subliminal message that this is how men should spend their lives, how to act, dress, what cars to drive and what gadgets to have. Dylan Jones is trying to send over an ideology that all men should be well groomed, smooth and sleek, a lot like a "James Bond-Esque." ...read more.


To illustrate the audience's aspirations, models are used, who are driving nice cars and are evidently very good looking. This re-enforces that the magazine is aspiration based as they're no pictures of ordinary people or "average Joes." GQ magazine is informative, as it does involve a lot of fashion, male grooming and current affair facts, but this would bore an audience, so the magazine also contains a lot of escapism aspects such as agony aunt letters about men sleeping with several women at once, this letter was edited into the section of its escapism nature, this once again tries to tell the audience that how GQ lives their lives and that they are in Utopia. ...read more.


The design of the magazine also reflects it's audience because the colours are either very manly colours such as blues, whites and red's, or the colours reflect ones that are in fashion, such as more lighter colours as yellows and pinks. The magazine is at the very high end of the market and it entails hundreds of adverts for mostly fashion designers e.g. Armani, Diesel, Prada, Ozwald Boateng. These are very high class designers and this just represents how big of an operation the magazine is because of all the advertising. GQ magazine once again comes down to one common ideology "sex sells" and this has shown on the magazine, with its lack of average people and half naked girls it just shows that it is sex orientated. Anup Sohanta ...read more.

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