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Magazine article written for a specific genre, with commentary on language choices.

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English A Level Language and Literature, Specification A. Magazine article written for a specific genre, with commentary on language choices. My article would appear in a cat fancier magazine or a magazine aimed at animal lovers/pet owners, specifically those who own or are interested in Siamese cats. Evolution of the Cat (owner). Age one. The furry tail brushes against my face again. Instinctively I grab for it, only to be rewarded with a hiss and a rush of air as unsheathed claws swipe at the space above my head, leaving vents in the bassinet that exist to this day. "Out, you bad kitty!" my mother cries. Ting-Tang, a two-year-old cream pointed Siamese, looks hurt as he runs from the room. Sulking, he relinquishes his usual sleeping place by my pillow. I never tell anyone and neither does he, but he is always the loser in our private game of 'grab the soft, fleshy thing in front of you.' Age four. "Crash!" "Tinkle!" And down comes the Christmas tree in a flurry of smashing glass trinkets and flickering fairy lights. ...read more.


I start to stand as my mother turns and finally notices the inch-long rend in my standard issue pullover, a memento of a past playground war, and uses yet more grown up words: "nonretractable claws," "new uniform." I look down at the tiny cream-colour head cradled in my arms, and smile. Commentary. My article is aimed at a very specific target audience, namely adult Siamese cat owners, or any animal lover with an interest in Siamese cats. The article is intended as a basically very light and humorous look at pet ownership and the companionship that develops with a pet, seen from a child's perspective. The piece is aimed at an audience most likely comprised of adults (and, given the cost and higher level of knowledge and care required by a Siamese as opposed to a regular 'moggy,' it is reasonable to assume a fair percentage of such owners are relatively mature and sophisticated), so the vocabulary and writing style is a little more refined than if the article was being written for a younger, for example teenage, audience. ...read more.


and it is the cat who, in essence, wins. I also used the nickname 'Tee' here to suggest the closeness of the relationship. The third paragraph is the shortest and basically serves to move forward the 'plot' (as is) in explaining as simply as possible that the cat has died. The personal recollection, and particularly the use of the pattern of three in "to get home, to school, to the ice cream van" emphasises my feelings of guilt without being too sad. The last paragraph describes how I buy a new cat, using the simile "like furry snooker balls" to show we are again on light-hearted grounds, the sadness of the last section over. I describe how the tear in my sweater is "a memento of a past playground war," showing it is old damage, and in demonstrating my mother's response I show that she has blamed the cat ("nonretractable claws"), but that I do not care ("grown up words [...] float by unheeded"), thus completing the cycle and ending the piece on a happy, upbeat note. ...read more.

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