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Magazine Evaluation

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AS Media Studies ME3 The magazine that I have designed is a men's magazine which focuses on car performances, new powerful cars and all types of modification equipment available for Volks Wagon cars. Through market research that I have carried out I have identified a gap in the market for VW specialised modification magazines. My market research showed me that other leading car manufacturing companies such as: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Subaru and Vauxhall etc. all have their own specialised magazine's promoting their sports range of new cars. All the above mentioned companies have other manufacturing company cars mentioned slightly in their magazines. My magazine is targeted at 21 -33 year old men who come under the socio demographic groups A - C2. My magazine is only targeted at men because my research has shown me that 65% of men would like some sort of modification done to their cars whereas only 9% of women would like it to be done on their car. My magazine is going to be in direct competition with Max power, Evo, Fast Car and Performance because all these cars also specialise in performance cars. The advantage I am going to have over all these magazines is the fact that all the above mentioned magazine just briefly analyse VW cars whereas I will be going into detail with all VW performance cars. ...read more.


Also another change that I made was to reduce the amount of texture on each story on the front cover to increase the effectiveness of the flash. This change will result in more customer eagerness to read the stories shown in the sidebar as well as the main story. Also another change I made as my Photoshop skills enhanced was that I added drop shadows to the title and headings, allowing them to be conspicuous and create distinctions between headings and sub-headings on the title page. As well as this the size of the masthead was increased to make it stand out more for people to see the branding of the magazine that they are purchasing. For this magazine cover I have used the traditional Z format because this is the natural movement of the reader's eye across the page, starting with the masthead. The main image I have shown on the cover is placed in the centre of the page to make sure complete eye contact is made with the whole picture not just the ends. As you can see from my cover above I have put the kicker on the left so that when the magazine is stacked up on the shelf the kicker cannot be missed due to the way magazines are displayed. The front cover of my magazine and the contents page have a lot of similarities to make the contents page fit in within the theme of the magazine. ...read more.


The pictures cover more than 7/8 of the page and at the bottom I have used a stand first paragraph which is a convention often used in magazine designing because it summarises the article and invites the reader to read on. This small paragraph is just to let the reader know what the story is about so he is interested in reading further and turns the page where he will see the advertisement. This will make my advertisement placement a success as well as the middle page format. The middle page also has a major heading so the reader can identify the article within seconds and workout what the article is about. If I was to redo the middle page I would have used one picture instead of the two and made the heading stand out a bit more. Also I would decrease the number of words I have used in the paragraph in the middle page to make the reader more impatient to carry on the reading the article on the next page. Overall I would say that I am very pleased with the magazine that I have designed however given the chance again I would have spent more time using the software provided to see what else could have been done to improve the overall professional look of the magazine. Also I would have done more research to see what people like in a magazine and what they taught about my designs that I have made to work out the success rate of my magazine in juxtaposition to its rivals. ...read more.

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