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Manipulation AS Media Thriller Proudction Report

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AS Media Thriller Production Report (Mark sheet included) Research The task was to produce the opening sequence to a thriller. The sequence should be between two and three minutes in length and should include titles for the film. In our group was Emma, Kim and Bill. Our group's aim was to produce a sequence which looked professional but on a limited budget. As a group we had worked together before on a previous project which went well but we wanted to improve our planning to have more time editing the sequence. We watched a few films to get an idea of the conventions of a thriller. There are several types of thrillers including detective like Seven and Along Came a Spider. There is also the action thriller like Lethal Weapon and Gone in Sixty Seconds. Most of the films concentrated their opening sequence on introducing the characters and building suspense. We liked the way in which Seven tries to give the audience clues about the film in the sequence without giving the whole film away. We were targeting an audience group between I8 and 30 as this range were old enough to understand the underlying clues and are not too easily shocked. In ourfilm we wanted to play with the audience's senses and confuse, them so we agreed that this age range were more likely to accept anything we could throw at them. The people we would expect to watch our film are people who like murder mysteries with a edge. ...read more.


We wanted to construct our title in Premiere after we had got the rhythm of the sequence right in iMovie. This was to enable us to have more control over the titles in terms of where they were placed and how they moved. The font was chosen because it had the effect of being home-made, so it fitted with the sequence of the man making the doll. The titles were only going to be shown over the shots of the man making the doll because it would have spoiled the effect of the girl being very normal if we had put our vibrating text over her shots. Construction We decided not to have a establishing shot, and to start with a close-up. This was so the audience have no idea where they are or what is going to happen; this creates suspense in the audience. The first shot is of the man's hands putting latex gloves on, which will get people thinking he is preparing to do something. The next shot is of Emma's eye in extreme close-up. This shot is supposed to unsettle the audience as the eye takes up the nearly the whole screen, and people are usually very un-easy about seeing a eye that close up. This will put many questions into the audience's heads - Who is the girl?, What is going on with the mans hands?, Is there a link between them? After a few parallel cuts it becomes apparent to the audience that the hands are making a doll, but it's not clear why yet. ...read more.


The audience understood we were trying to keep information from them by using the close ups. They also liked the way we had cut Emma's face up, focusing on different points on her face to isolate parts so she became more of a object-figure then a real person. Several people enjoyed our use of parallel editing gradually establishing the link between different parts of the narrative and creating a rhythm. The parallel editing was also used to emphasis the sinisterness of what the killer is doing, like in the shots which cut from Emma combing her hair to the killer fingering the hair on the doll. This set of shots was my personal favourite part of the sequence, as it really has a effect on the audience. I had some doubts about whether the music really worked, because it wasn't really music, it was just a load of weird drones and noises. But the audience commented that the music seemed to be an underlying rumbling sense of threat. This has broadened my thoughts on the type of music you can put onto the visuals, and in future work I will consider the same type of sound track. Some people didn't understand why we had put the feedback on the sequence, which in my mind meant that it stood out, so it didn't work very well. I think our sequence would lead very well into the rest of the film as it doesn't give too much away. This was confirmed when we asked the audience and they came up with several different opinion as to what will happen. ...read more.

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