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Marijuana and Society

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Marijuana and Society Letters, and specifically, those that are written to the editor of a newspaper, are communiqu�s in that they are especially effectual in terms of communicating issues of great importance and public concern. The letter was written to the editor of a local newspaper - The Daily Gleaner - with the intention of being a communicative article in the said print medium. In the letter, the writer addresses the current debate regarding the legalization of marijuana via expressing her views con the said issue. ...read more.


The writer uses a diversity of language strategies that are of great importance in the letter. The writer extensively employs the use of loaded words such as "carnages" and "drug-craved." The use of such words intensifies the piece and appeals, emotionally, to the audience, while increasing the level of interest. It is also effective in reinforcing the writer's stance (that is, in opposition to legalizing the drug). The writer also employs the use clich�s such as "open your eyes" and "fight the fight." These clich�s are employed as a means of persuasion and are used to ensure that the level of comprehension on behalf of the average readers is retained. ...read more.


The use of this register is also more suitable in addressing the members of the judicial personnel, as the letter is also a persuasive plea to them. The fact that the letter was written with the intention of being published in The Daily Gleaner - a highly respected and renowned newspaper, will ensure a great level of accessibility and hence, is very significant in its role as an opinion-shaper in terms of stimulating discussion and facilitating feedback. In addition, via the use of this medium, the credibility and integrity of the article will be upheld. This medium will also validate longevity and can be used for forthcoming research purposes or as archival material. ...read more.

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