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Market Niches.

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Media Studies Market Niches Introduction In the UK over 7500 different magazines are in circulation. Around 5250 of these fall into the 'Business & Professional' category, and around 2500 of them fall into the consumer category. The word magazine derives from the French word magasin, which translate to storehouse. As magazines generally tend to be 'storehouses' of information and knowledge on a particular subject, this is a very appropriate name. Magazines are very different from newspapers. They are different in appearance, style and content. Magazines are printed in full colour and on glossy paper, they are also written less formally. The stories that appear in magazines cannot be on the day-to-day stories that appear in newspapers, as magazines are usually printed, fortnightly or monthly. What is a Market Niche? The phrase 'Niche Market' means a specialist market, or a market that is directly catered for. It is a specific corner of the market, taken from a larger chunk of the market. An example of a niche market would be people who are interested in the sport football. Instead of them buying a magazine that covers all the different sports and only has a specific section on football, they would want to buy a magazine that specifically caters for people who only like football. ...read more.


I think that there is a lot of demand for a magazine of this genre. Evaluation A niche market is a part of the market that needs to be specifically catered for. It is a smaller market taken from a larger, more general market. For example, a football magazine, or a magazine for a specific football team, would be a niche market. The larger market would be sports in general. My magazine focuses in Asian music and Asian artists in other genres. Currently there are no magazines that specialise in this corner of the music industry. My target audience is Asian males who are between the ages of 14 and 24. People of this age range will be teenagers, students, and young adults, and will therefore have more time on their hands to be reading magazines, spending their surplus cash on music and listening to music. The reason I chose Asian males, is because my magazine generally focuses on Bhangra, Hindi and Punjabi music. All these types of music are originated from Asia, and will hopefully appeal to my target audience. My magazine costs �2.99 so I think it targets the B, C1 and C2 social classes. ...read more.


The language used in the interview is very informal, and the interview is set out like a conversation. I think that this format would appeal to my target audience, as I feel they would relate well to this kind of interview. A similar format is used in FHM magazine. I researched interviews and decided this would be the most effective and would appeal to my target audience the most. Throughout the magazine, when I have said the name of the magazine, I have written it in the font that the magazine title on the front cover is in. I found that a lot of magazines and newspapers used this effect, so I decided to use it too, to show the magazines authenticity. My advert is for HMV. I researched HMV adverts in other magazines, and decided to follow this format; dark blue background, HMV name at the top with motto/catchphrase underneath, products in centre of page, with HMV website and HMV logo/picture at the bottom. The music advertised is music that would appeal to my target audience. Bollywood music is all types of Asian music, maybe taken from Bollywood films. Asian Flava's is Asian music which has been remixed. This would appeal more to my younger target audience, because it is faster, and bassier. ...read more.

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