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marketing communications for cider

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1) AN ANALYSIS OF THE CURRENT MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS SUITABLE TO DUNKERTONS. As per the case study, no means of marketing communications are mentioned for Dunkertons. The suitable means can be: * Media Advertising * Direct Marketing * Sales Promotion * Online Marketing * Public Relations * Publicity Marketing communications will be depending upon the demand generation, product/produce/service positioning. The above means of communications are deduced by looking at the current campaigns given in the case study. 2) A CONTEXTUAL ANALYSIS TO INCLUDE A SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS AND REFLECTING ALL THE ISSUES THAT DUNKERTONS SHOULD CONSIDER BEFORE IMPLEMENTING THE MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY. Porter's five forces Analysis Potential Entrants: * Barriers to entry are quite low. * No high investments in equipment. * A beverage manufacturer can add cider in their existing production to make cider drinks. * Not a difficult formula to make cider. * Fast growing industry with some good margins to attract new entrants. Suppliers: * A low bargaining power of suppliers due to global supply. * More variety of apples and apple juice can add a little bargain with variety of quality. * Widely available in UK so there is enough supply. Substitutes: * Since a barrier of entrants is low the threat of substitutes is high in the industry. * Multiple alternatives in the industry could bring challenging to capture the market. Competitors: * Hard cider has high competition with beer, wine and alcoholic drinks. ...read more.


10% INTERNET 10% BTL Activities 10% * Length of campaign (ATL activities): 4 months (April, May, June, July) o As per the seasonal demand of the cider, the campaign will run for four months. o ATL activities include the TV ads, print insertions, internet ads and cinema ads. * BTL activities will also be a part of the campaign which includes the stalls in the food and cooking exhibitions. * Advertorials will be published by the opinion formers regarding the promotion of the cider, which will help in developing the brand, these advertorials will be published in the health, fitness and lifestyle magazines specifically to cover the female cider market. MEDIA DESCRIPTION MEDIA DESCRIPTION TV o TV will be used for brand announcement. o TV ads will be placed at the regional channels of the specific areas at the scattered frequency so as to avoid the wastage of budget. o The preferred TV channels will be London Weekend Television (LWT), ITV 1 London and ITV West Country. PRINT o Print media will be use as the support for the TV. o Black & white insertions will be used. o Advertorials by the opinion formers will be published in the health & fitness and the lifestyle magazines. o The preferred vehicles for this medium according to the area will be Thelondonpaper*, Avon & Gloucestershire Express and Frome Times. ...read more.


Mono Scc Property 1 ins �12.00 Mono scc 1 ins �5.00 Spot scc 1 ins �6.00 Colour scc 1 ins �7.00 Spot scc property 1 ins �13.00 Colour scc property 1 ins �14.00 Spot scc recruitment 1 ins �16.00 Colour scc recruitment 1 ins �17.00 Display Mono Page 1 ins �2880.00 Mono Half 1 ins �1440.00 Mono Scc 1 ins �10.00 Colour Page 1 ins �4032.00 Colour Half 1 ins �1904.00 Colour Scc 1 ins �14.00 Spot Page 1 ins �3724.00 Spot Scc 1 ins �13.00 Mono dps 1 ins �5760.00 Spot dps 1 ins �6912.00 Spot half 1 ins �1768.00 Colour dps 1 ins �7488.00 Production Ad Sizes Type area Trim size Bleed area dps 350 x 528 - - half horizontal 170 x 264 - - half vertical 350 x 132 - - page 350 x 264 - - Digital Jpeg, Tiff, PDF, Word.doc, ISDN all at 150 DPI Frome Times URL http://www.frometimes.co.uk Established 01 Mar 1999 Frequency Fortnightly - Thursday Contacts Publisher Wiltshire Publications Ltd, 31 Market Place, Melksham, Wiltshire, SN12 6ES.Switchboard: 01225 704761, Fax: 01225 708081, Email: frometimes@btconnect.com Managing Director Ian Drew melkshamnews@btconnect.com Ad Manager Ben Carey Circulation 01 Jan 2006 Pub Stmt 12,000 Rates Rates Effective: 1 Jan 2006 Agency Commission: 10.00% Classified Mono scc 1 ins �2.50 Display Mono Page 1 ins �450.00 Mono Half 1 ins �260.00 Mono Quarter 1 ins �150.00 Mono Scc 1 ins �2.50 Series Discounts 4 ins 10.00% 10 ins 25.00% Inserts Loose: �22 per thousand. ...read more.

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