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Marketing Communications Plan For A Small Cleaning Service Company.

Extracts from this document...


Semester One 2003/2004 MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS Coursework 2 / Report MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS PLAN FOR A SMALL CLEANING SERVICE COMPANY CONTENTS CONTENTS 2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 INTRODUCTION 3 1. Situation - Where are we now? 4 2. Objectives - Where do we want to go? 6 3. Strategies - How can we get there? 8 4. Tactics - How Do We Get There? 11 5. Action 12 6. Control 15 CONCLUSIONS 17 APPENDICES 18 BIBLIOGRAPHY / REFERENCES ? 24 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The project at hand is to develop a marketing plan that works and is easily implemented for the client who is Mike Smith. The aim of this report is to outline the process used to prepare a marketing plan for a small business, AtHome Cleaners in this instance, in this report we shall make a lot of assumptions to achieve a viable marketing plan. AtHome Cleaning Services is run by Mike Smith who resides in Richmond, London. Mike now wants to expand his business and services to other Boroughs and neighbourhoods outside of Richmond. He has solicited the help and advice of Alice Moore and her staff, we are a consulting company that is linked to the local council office. We have experience in advertising to consumer and business to business markets, locally, nationally and internationally. Working closely with our clients we choose the right message and media offering the best possible return on their budget. We then begin the creative process, in this case with AtHome, ensuring that their customers hear what they have to say, and you say what they want to hear. To prepare the marketing plan, we shall use the SOSTAC model as a tool to achieve this analysis and prepare the project for Mike Smith's AtHome campaign drive. We endeavour to give a marketing and businesss definition and explanation of SOSTAC, as well as to use it as an aid to enhance clarity and understanding. ...read more.


X X X X X X 3.000* 7.611* 10.000** 184*** 2000**** 3600*** Sales Promotion Coupons Discount X X X X X X X 1800* 891* Public Relations X X X X 0 * Assumptions see appendix 4, **www.eveningstandard.co.uk, ***www.yell.com , ****http://cms.aso.de 5. Action Action is the implementation of the details of tactics. 'Each tactical communication tool needs to be planned as a mini project' (P. Smith, 1997) Therefore, the monthly Gantt chart is specified into a weekly Gantt chart (Appendix 2). The process of the implementation of every tactics tool is shown. Advertising Not to extend the budget scopes, we have to determine how and when to advertise. The best ways to advertise are the Internet, local radio stations, local newspapers and direct mail, such as e-mail and leaflets. The Internet is a great way to reach people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is necessary to be present on the web page during the whole period. AtHome can put information about their services on-line, and the customers will come when they are ready. Especially for time poor people this is a good opportunity to decide if and when they want to have help in housework. Usually the costs of implement a website is relatively low compared to those to keep the website up-to-date. A computer specialist is forecasted to look after the build up of the website. Since our business is still in the process of growing, meaning still quite small, I recommend advertising at local radio stations. The advantage of advertising at local radios is that it can reach a lot of future customers. AtHome can make up special songs, slogans, or jingles to get our message out. Mike and his administrative help can create the message. Newspapers, evening and regional press advertisements are great ways to announce our service to local customers, which is AtHome's aim. The ad doesn't have to be enormous, but with the slogan can catch a wide range of the 'thirty-somethings'. ...read more.


X X X Yellow Pages X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Coupons X X Discounts X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Press Releases X X X X X Appendix 4 Assumptions: 1. Budget: �30.000 * one cleaner earns �7,5 per hour * one cleaning session, which is about 2 hours, costs Mike �15 * Mike has 30 part-time cleaners which equals to 15 full-time cleaners working 8 hours per day, 5 days a week * one customer needs 2 cleaning sessions per week --> x = 150 customers per week * 80% customer increase, as mentioned above, y = 120 new customers per week * costs for coupons in �: CC = y * costs of 1 cleaning session = 120 * 15 = 1800 * costs for discounts in �: CD = (x + y) * costs of 1 cleaning session * amount of discounts * weeks = 270 * 15 * 1/10 * 2.2 = 891 * Advertising: - Internet build up: 40 hours � �40/h --> �2400 Internet update: 10 hours per half year � �40/h --> �600 http://shop.stefanboehrer.de - Radio: Commercial production costs �150: 3 times during the 6 months period --> �450 Commercial broadcast times and rates: Commercials 07:00 - 10:00: �31 per 30 seconds Commercials 17:00 - 21:00: �31 per 30 seconds --> total costs for radio advertising in �: CR = 450 + 7161 = 7.611 www.choicefm.com * costs for advertising in �: CA = 3.000 + 7.611 + 10.000 + 3.600 + 2.000 + 184 = 26.395 * costs for PR in �: CPR= 0, because Mike writes them himself * total costs in �: C = CC + C0 + CA + CPR = 1.800 + 891 + 26.395 + 0 = 29.086 2. Mike is creative. ...read more.

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