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Marketing Group Presentation - How are The Strokes, Beyonce and S Club 8 trying to get to the Top 20 of UKwith their latest albums?

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Marketing Group Presentation: How are The Strokes, Beyonce and S Club 8 trying to get to the Top 20 of UK with their latest albums? First segmentation on all the three albums and music categories is made when deciding that The Strokes, Beyonce and S Club 8 all are trying to get to the album top 20 in UK and get as many people to buy their album as they can. They are trying to get to the mass market by gaining a competitive advance over the others. How are they doing it? Which marketing strategies and theories each of these use? How do they differ from each other and from all the others who are trying to reach top 1? This comes to the second segmentation which could be the USP, Unique Selling Point. In music the easiest way to make this segmentation is to define the music-category. As The Strokes being the face of the garage-rock, Beyonce is the figure of R&B. S Club 8 relies more on pop and kids songs. What do exactly this band want, who they want to get as their buyers? ...read more.


Garage-rock isn't that small marginal-music anymore. If they do their music well and market and promote it well, they are quite sure to get a huge success. Couple of weeks after realising the Room on Fire all the critics have been great, selling numbers are enormous and they got right to the top 5 in UK album-chart. The most important element on marketing mix, when marketing The Strokes album, is advertising and promotion. In music business interviews, reviews, concerts and other pr are important. In this kind of "quality" music, album reviews are really important. But as well are touring and interviews in the magazines and television. Album and single charts are also important for people who consider buying the album. Too much physical presence in the press can harm the bands success. If the real music-lovers find out that the band is "selling their soul" by promoting their album too much and wrong ways, it might do more harm to the album selling than good. In a music-business people behind the music are often really important for marketing. ...read more.


Other element of marketing mix is the actual product. The album with its covers is the product. Covers are not that important on this album, at least they don't exactly try to sell the record. Red, black and yellow are the most important colours in the cover. They express energy and independency. They don't want to sell themselves by their looks, even though some girls can be attracted by how they look. In the product of The Strokes also posters, image of the band and the show on a stage are important part. Even if they don't want to think themselves as a produced product they are one of the most important bands in the scene of garage-rock as well as broader category of music, and that way they have to be produced. Other elements of marketing mix, like buying process, place and price are not that important when deciding which record should be bought, at least not with this album. People, who want to have the album, go to buy it without any difficult process or special needs of the place. Place on the internet and MTV -era make all the places the same. Price is also irrelevant when talking about music-albums, because all the albums cost almost the same. ...read more.

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