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Marketing Plan Group Paper

Extracts from this document...


Marketing Plan Group Paper Service/Product NHOH Online Grocery warehouse store, to be located in Kapolei, Hawaii, offers point-and-click grocery shopping 24 hours a day with convenient delivery and drive thru services for the residents from Ewa Beach to Makaha Valley. It will offer a wide variety of non-perishable and perishable groceries with quality cuts of meat, poultry and seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables from the finest local sources. In addition, NHOH Online Grocery offers telephone and fax orders, product information, coupons, sale items, recipes and menu ideas. There will be an "Add Notes" section of the online order form for preferred substitutions or anything other preferences. For example, choose extra large, very ripe papayas. NHOH Online Grocery will offer the services of a customer service representative who will come to your home and walk you through the entire shopping process. The representative will show you how to navigate the website, find coupons and sale items, how to place your order and check out, as well as choosing delivery or drive thru service. NHOH Online Grocery will operate its own warehouse facility stocking over 11,000 items. It enables NHOH Online Grocery to provide price guarantees and lower prices. By stocking fewer items than traditional style grocery stores, NHOH Online Grocery can reduce inventory costs, warehouse costs and increase margins. Lower numbers of items will help improve inventory control and reduces sales lost to out-of-stock items (Kahn and McAlister 93-180). NHOH Online Grocery will save time, reduce stress and create a more pleasant experience for today's time-starved or supermarket reluctant consumers. The family structures have changed which has resulted in more single parent families with less time on their hands. In addition to time-starved and stressed consumers, individuals with disabilities related to age and health are an important market for our online grocery services. Target Market Geographics * The immediate targets are the towns of Ewa Beach, Ewa Gentry, Ewa Villages, Kapolei, Makakilo, Nanakuli, Maili, Waianae, Makaha, and Makaha Valley with a population of 73,791 (U.S. ...read more.


Due to other expenses the prices of products sold will be within the range of other markets and the ability to undersell the competitor will not exist. Furthermore, due to the small geographical market area an opportunity is to reach all available customers on the island of Oahu. Threats: The threats that can be faced are that the typical competitors of grocery chains can lower prices and possibly enter the market of online sales. Currently there are no known major grocers conducting services such as this. Although the capability is there with established chains throughout and the large amount of revenue already brought in to help with starting of this type of venture. Trends: Currently there are a few businesses like this worldwide. The customer's base is the ones currently doing online shopping. The industry is not currently looking at this too seriously with the influence of earlier failures being known. The understanding that with the way those consumers are starting to buy their necessary items online that eventually this will be the next step for grocers. Today's society is looking for an easier way to conduct daily affairs that the thought of major online grocery shopping is not that far fetched with the continued growth of online usage. The opportunity for this business to succeed, it must be managed and marketed properly. The business can adapt with the changing variables that are present with the ever-evolving S.W.O.T.T. analysis to be done. Marketing Mix The four P's of marketing which are product, place, price, and promotion will be presented as our marketing mix: Product: Our made up company NHOH Online Grocery is a business that will provide for the needs of the population to have a point and click interface with a computer to shop for their grocery needs. NHOH Online Grocery operates its own warehouse store, which stocks over 11,000 items. It offers a wide variety of non-perishable and perishable groceries including various meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, poultry and seafood. ...read more.


When a decision is made in support of implementing a project, evaluations will be processed on an upper managerial level to ensure customer satisfaction for at lease six months. Control and Adjust In order to control the growth of the organization, there will be a hyperlink labeled "Feedback" on NHOH Online Grocery Store's website to assist with improving quality and service to our loyal customers. Every feedback will receive a personal reply from a member of our management team explaining actions taken, if any at this time, by our organization with improvements. In additional to our feedback hyperlink, there will be a "What's New" hyperlink sharing new information each week on services offered, by NHOH Online Grocery. This will keep hits on our website optimistic. Customer will want to log in to see new services, such as, new delivery or pickup times offered each week that are not visible with our product pricing. In order to control and adjust sales/cost of our organization, stakeholders will have access to financial statements online, by registering "Online Customer Service". The financial statement will show operating expenses in detail to take care and uphold a dynamic organization operating structure. During the year, estimates of year-end expenses will be displayed on our website and once the year has come to a close, a financial report hyperlink will appear describing the company's closing earnings. This will give our loyal stakeholders directions on their investments within the organization. Performance analysis will allow our organization to compare products and services amongst competitors. Having a performance report at the end of each month to measure occurrences and an annual report at the end of each year will identify achievements and encourage enhancements to our organization on the way to guarantee customer's satisfaction. Each year the organization will have new goals and objectives to meet from items listed on the performance report the year before. This will increase our motivation concentration amongst employees to continue in providing quality and excellent service to our customers. ...read more.

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