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Marketing research.

Extracts from this document...


1.0 Problem definition 1 1.1 Background of the project 1 1.2 Problem formulation 2 1.3 Methodology 2 1.4 limitations 2 2.0 General description 2 Company Overview 2 Company mission 3 Product introduction 3 3.0 Collection of data 4 4.0 Desk research 5 Target group 5 Market situation 6 6.0 Field research 8 Market overview 8 Preference about the games 9 Distribution channel 10 Factors Influence Buying Behaviour 12 Game settings preference 14 Other results 14 7.0 Conclusion 16 8.0 Enclosures 16 1.0 Problem definition 1.1 Background of the project There are hundred of company games shops in Copenhagen, the distribution of goods is quite convenient, but nearly most of the game is base on the European culture, the story of the game is also base on western country's history. Now a day, many people prefer Asian culture; they prefer Asian music, the design of building and people in the game. So it will be a good time to push the Chinese game into the European stage. And the RPG game included all the issues above, it can provide old Chinese history, culture, just like bring people go around China in old time. 1.2 Problem formulation There are many good Chinese RPG game in the Asian market, and now the project focus on a survey to make sure whether should translate the game to different European langue and push to the market right now. The target group will be Customers are from age 14 - 39 years old. People in this age or studying the history in school, or know a bit of Asian, they will interest, and people from this ages play game a lot. 1.3 Methodology Marketing research (including desk and field research) is mainly applied to this project. 1.4 limitations I haven't done big amount of marketing research to support the report. That's because I am lack of time etc. Thus, the report is base on the information from questionnaires and the survey with people. ...read more.


Preference about the games War command is one type of the most popular game on the market right now, we can see from the following graph how to place different category in the market. Source: From marketing research The most popular category is war command game, like BLITZKRIEG, BLACK HAWK DOWN, and EPISODE 1: BATTLE OF NORMANDY. Some people think these games can relate to the real world, and the situation in Iraq, can raise the interest while playing these kind of game. The second category come with the RPG game, and then the Strategy game. This game is not only some simple action, it is including the story, people have to think how to solve the problem. These kind of game using the brain and takes time to play. High mind share in the market can easily lead to a bright future in this category. The market trend to this category, but it doesn't mean any RPG game get a high sales, it also depends on other facts, e.g. technology, design, and the content. Oject company pablish on net saids they are using the new technology, with the GM tools can access all the player to solve the problem on net. But up to now, there still problems with the server, they will work 7*24 hours for the server running fast. From the year 2002, there are so many internet game push into China, for the most big ones are RO and EQ. RO is placed top one and last more than a year in Korea. And EQ is the most popular European game in China. Within high pressure under there two games, Prince of Qin still are seating on a stable place, being a focus for the game news. Distribution channel In Denmark, the distribution chain can be EB game shops, big shopping centre, supper market, and electronic shops like Merlin... So I have lay out these choices for people to choose, to see where they saw the advertising and purchase games. ...read more.


Mech Collection � 04/06-2002 Hotel Giant � 03/06-2002 Cultures 2 � 31/05-2002 Grand Theft Auto 3 � 29/05-2002 Car Tycoon � 24/05-2002 Aquanox � 22/05-2002 Soccer Manager � 22/05-2002 S.W.I.N.E � 19/05-2002 Global Operations � 06/05-2002 2002 Fifa World Cup � 02/05-2002 Jane's Attack Squadron � 29/04-2002 Dungeon Siege � 22/04-2002 Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord � 20/04-2002 Warrior Kings � 17/04-2002 Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast � 16/04-2002 Grandia II � 16/04-2002 War Commander � 16/04-2002 Heroes of Might & Magic IV � 10/04-2002 Warlords Battlecry II � 08/04-2002 Matt Hayes' Fishing � 04/04-2002 Ghost Recon: Desert Siege � 26/03-2002 Nascar 2002 Season � 24/03-2002 Star Trek: Bridge Commander � 16/03-2002 Cossacks: The Art of War � 13/03-2002 Command & Conquer: Renegade � 05/03-2002 Preview: Warcraft III � 01/03-2002 Serious Sam: The Second Encounter � 20/02-2002 Black & White Creature Isle � 19/02-2002 Star Wars Starfighter � 13/02-2002 Medal of Honor Allied Assault � 11/02-2002 IL-2 Sturmovik � 28/01-2002 Sea Dogs � 21/01-2002 Capitalism II � 12/01-2002 Rayman M � 02/01-2002 Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor > Product character: Design beautiful Chinese landscape in a meticulous way. The game are full of Chinese flavor. Motion Capture: (a special tech normally used in producing movie special effect) In order to show action peculiar of Chinese Gongfu, InterServ spare no expense to use Motion Capture system. Combined with the show of Gongfu teacher, all actions can be more smoothly. They also use this tech. in expressing body language, then to enrich character. Double dialog box: when role is fighting his opponent, screen will be separated into 2 parts. Player can see both parts. The action was designed in 3D Realtime way; player can decide what to do by watching opponent. Emotional value: role can use magic if he has enough emotional value. It is different from other RPG games, emotional value can not get by training, it depend on how kindhearted u r. (challenge isn't it) Marketing Research 16 Yun Zhang Esbjerg Business Academy ...read more.

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