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Marketing - website analysis

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Website analysis The site address is www.loroparque.com/ My first impression is very good because it starts with a video and is well laid out. It also is very good at grabbing your attention because of colour matching and nice scenery. The opening video is interesting because the animals are unusual and very rare to see in the face. Also there are families and pictures of kids having fun. The colour is also used through the whole website but it is not a colour that I would associate with the company as it not a massive franchise and it is not in Britain. The information is not great but they have covered the main part but haven't gone past that to get a feeling of that you really know were your going. ...read more.


I will show this in the screen shot below. This website is in traditional canaries' island style with a maroon background and a picture of the hotel with the view of the mountains. The lights grab your attention because they are reflected in the pool and the picture makes you want to be there. Also there are pictures of people in the spar relaxing and having special treatment. This is the home page which is in the same style as the video carrying on the canaries theme but with the hint of Asian culture. Also there is the an advert for the loro parque centre advertising for a holiday with the family also it gives you the idea that it is not in a built in the main tourist area and it is in the heart of the country with wildlife and culture. ...read more.


In conclusion the websites I have looked at have been well set out but the text has not stuck out but over all a great website to use. Disneyland Hong Kong This is the home page for Disneyland Hong Kong. I think this website is very good because they use pastel shades and don't clash with each other. The menu is interactive so you are not flooded with opinions as you enter the site. Also there is a video showing the main video and saying there slogans. 'Hong Kong Disneyland the place where dreams come true' They are appealing to the younger generation of customers ...read more.

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