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Match of the Day Production Schedule

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Section 3 Production Schedule Pre-production Stage Studio Pre-production is needed to be done before the show can start. The pre-production consists of screenplays, costs, schedules, risk assessments, recce's and auto-cue cards. This needs to be done before the live filming to make sure everything is going to hopefully run smoothly. Also before the filming they will make sure all the equipment is working effectively and efficiently as one minor technical error with the equipment could ruin the live production. Match Pre-production is needed before all the matches are even played. They need to do most of the tasks above with a few more. The will need to do the costs, schedules, risk assessments and recce's. Again they would check the equipment before they even got to the ground and then once again once at the ground to make sure everything is in working order. A pre-production schedule has been done. See Appendix 1. Production Stage Studio The production is the actual filming of the programme. Now seen as though some of it is live they will not have to do some of the tasks which are sometimes required in the production stage. They can miss most of the production and they will have already got the auto-cue cards ready therefore if the presenters do there job they will not miss out any main criteria which is needed for the show. ...read more.


They will also send the log sheet to the editing team so they know where the highlights are in the match so they don't have to watch the footage again. Comparison The equipment set up in the studio will be very different from other programmes such as Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares and Ten Years Younger. Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares will have a large amount of shots which are hand held and some pan shots. This is not the case with MOTD as they have still shots using a tripod. Ten Years Younger is different as they need to use some lights to light the programme. They will also put extra effects on to the show in order for the viewing to be better. They also use a lot more angles and shots than both MOTD and Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. The editing will be a lot different other programmes as well. They need to edit all the highlights together a lot quicker than any other programme and this will be a concern if anything goes wrong with the machines. They only have from 7pm till 10.30pm to edit the last match's highlights together. Resources Pre-production Studio With MOTD there are a number of resources which are needed at the studio. They will need the lighting equipment in order to light the studio in the desired way. ...read more.


They would also need enough footage for the best games to show for a longer period of time than the others. They would break the footage down into small blocks for each game with the key games lasting longer than others. Also in the editing suites they will need to put on the graphics of the score, who scored, substitutions etc. They also need the commentators commentary in order for the commentary to run smoothly with the highlights. They will match the commentary to the highlights in order it makes sense and gives it more realism. The editing suites will be dual display monitors with suitable software and capturing kits to put all the editing from the games together. Comparison All programmes which are not live are a lot different in post production. They will have other paperwork which would include an EDL and storyboard present in order for the editing team to do their jobs easier and so they know exactly what they want and what they are going to get for the finishing programme. Budgets Considerations and Constraints Match of the Day When making a programme the BBC will initially set the budget for either the entire year or for each show. In MOTD's case it would have been more acceptable to have it done on a weekly basis as then it is easy to work out the budgeting for the week. ...read more.

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