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McDonalds ICT Mission Statement.

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Unit 2: ICT. Mission Statements McDonalds. For McDonald's to achieve our goal of being the world's best quick service restaurant experience, we must have the best experience for all McDonald's employees. So we formalized our beliefs into our People Vision and our People Promise. Our People Promise is how we remind our people what they can expect and how high our goal is: To be the best employer in each community around the world. Comments: McDonalds express what the aim to do form the public in their mission statement. They also make a promise to their employees to boost the confidence of the public in the McDonalds employees. ...read more.


It answers to the Board of Governors. Comments: The BBC tells its viewers and listeners that they aim to run the company for them and to fulfill the publics needs and interests. The T.V license you pay goes towards funding the BBC, so the BBC needs to justify why you should pay your TV license. The BBC has the least face-to-face interaction than the other to companies and doesn't need to make many promises to the customers because you will be sat in your living room when you are associating with the BBC. Virgin. Our promise to you: At Virgin.com, we take your privacy seriously, so we promise that: * We won't use your personal data for any purpose that you have not agreed to, without first letting you know how and why we'd like to use your details. ...read more.


* We'll never sell your personal data to third party list brokers or direct marketing companies. We know what a pain they are! * Above all, we'll keep improving our service to you- that's the main reason for using your data! We want you to have the very best experience possible. Comments: Unlike the other two companies Virgin make a lot more promises to the customer. I feel that Virgin make the customer feel more relaxed because they are made so many promises by the company to make their experience a lot easier with the company. Although the other two companies don't need these make these kinds of promises to their customers, as they are different kind of companies. I believe that this is the most in depth and best mission statement of the 3 companies reviewed. By Will Bush ...read more.

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