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Measuring and Understanding Media Audiences.

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Measuring and Understanding Media Audiences. Coronation Street is the longest running television dramas in the world. It has been in production for over 40 years and still one of the most popular television programmes in Britain. It is seen to be woven deep into the fabric of the British way of life. Four nights a week, 18 million people sit themselves down and catch up with what has been happening in the lives of the residents of a small, run-down, lower class street in a fictional suburb of the northern industrial city in Manchester, the same way in which their parents and grandparents did and perhaps still do. Throughout this essay I will be exploring which strategies would be best for measuring and evaluating the impact of Coronation Street nation-wide. I have decided that by using qualitative techniques, as a research strategy, the information gathered will be inductive and constructive. This will hopefully make understanding the results made much easier as I doubt that there would be many straight forward answers such as 'yes' and 'no'. ...read more.


Later on the show, when Richard Hillman admitted to the murder, he ran away. A well known tabloid newspaper set up a website named www.wheresrichard.co.uk. The website contains a condolence book which the public can sign and will then be sent onto the 'remaining' and cast and Richard Hillman's family. Another craze happened a few years ago when Deidre Rashid was put in jail for a crime which she did not commit. Again he same tabloid set up a campaign to free her, even though she is only a character and the story isn't true. They made posters which they included in their paper and well known shops even started selling badges with free Deidre on them. For the producers, this kind of episode can show that the addictiveness of it can lead to people into believing that the characters are real and therefore become involved with what is happening, which in turn produces higher viewer ratings and perhaps helps the show gain more awards. ...read more.


Having a well known sponsor, Cadburies, can cause people to think that the programme must be of a quality standard, to be sponsored from someone as famous as Cadburies. Being at a prime-time slot, people will be relaxing after a hard days work will want something easy going and light hearted that they don't need to concentrate on. The producers have got a perfect slot with no huge competition which can also help their ratings. If the producers arranged a survey mainly focusing on an age group they would probably find a gap in the market that could help them find out what people would enjoy viewing. Through participant observations it would be possible for the creators to understand what the fans want; this would also be possible by internet forums, viewer and actors in-depth interviews and also by national questionnaires. A programme like Coronation Street is a nostalgic reflection of the British society. It has a strong sense of community and the happy camaraderie of the pub life. This is how people wish things were like today in their society, and this is perhaps why the show is so popular. ...read more.

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