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Media Assignment-The Ring

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G.C.S.E Media Assignment-The Ring Vanessa Lawrence The opening sequence of The Ring is very typical of a horror film, even though we later discover the film is more of a supernatural genre. The camera angles, music, sound, tension building techniques and visual effects such as lighting help set the scene. These factors sub-consciously show us it is a horror film and help us understand the main storyline, without giving too much away. It keeps us constantly guessing. By examining these techniques I will attempt to comment on how effective the opening sequence is in establishing the audience's expectations of the horror genre. In a typical horror film, the opening scene tends to be very important in setting up the rest of the film. This is true of The Ring, as the opening sequence tells us the urban legend of The Ring, basically setting up the rest of the film for us, as well as showing us it is a horror. The urban legend of the video is quite chilling in the way it is told, due to Becca's facial expressions and her voice, which is quite eerie. ...read more.


The music and sound effects vary throughout the whole opening sequence. To start off with, there is no background music, just the everyday sounds, such as the TV, although the way it crackles does create a sinister atmosphere, as well as the rain sounds on the window which is traditionally associated with horror films. Whilst Becca is telling the urban legend, there is a quiet, low pitched music in the background, creating an even creepier feel to the story. In the duration of this scene, the music and sound effects are very subtle but have a great impact on us and create a good atmosphere for a horror film such as this one. The director has purposely put clever little incidents into this scene to get us on the edge of our seats, such as Katie's fake death, when she grabs her throat and pretends to choke. It builds up tension and makes us panic but when she laughs and we realize she was joking, we calm down again. Another good example of this is when the phone rings, and Becca answers it, and looking terrified, hands it to Katie, however it turns out just to be Katie's mum. ...read more.


As the film has a supernatural theme to it, a lot of symbolism is used to represent different aspects of the storyline, and in particular, the urban legend. For example, the clock ticking in the background as the tale is being told symbolises that time is running out for Katie, and that something will happen to her soon. The water on the floor as Katie reaches the top the stairs at the very end of the scene, can be related to the fact that this whole urban legend is about a girl who drowned in a well. I feel that over all, the opening scene is very traditional compared to the beginnings of other horror films such as this one. I feel it is in keeping with the rest of the film and that it establishes the audience's expectations of the horror genre, as it gives them exactly what is intended from a horror. There are a lot of shocks and scares to show the genre of the film and how it is meant to be perceived. All together I feel it is an appropriate opening scene for a horror film, and very well done. ...read more.

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