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Media Assignment - Vogue Magazine.

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GCSE Media Assignment- Vogue Magazine Vogue was first published in 1892 and ever since has reflected the rules of the fashion world. Vogue means 'fashion prevailing at any given time', which is why Vogue it such a good name for the magazine. It talks about the ins and outs of the fashion world and is under the arm of any chic fashion conscious chick. My first impressions of the front cover were optimistic. The cover was bright and colourful. The magazine presented itself as expensive and up-to-date. I saw that the magazine was preparing itself for the summer and that it was aimed at women who want it all, whether or not they can afford it. I could see that the editors of Vogue have tried hard to aim the magazine to suit their target reader; very wealthy, fashion conscious, celebrity watching women. However anybody can buy the magazine, the readers may be from all areas of British society. The design and layout: the front cover has (r)Vogue written at the top of the page in luminous orange large font that is easy to read, and stands out. To the left is the month and price in pounds. It is white and approximately font size 12. The editors display the price like that deliberately so that you are not put off by it and are drawn to the magazine by the articles and the pictures, not value for money. Directly diagonal to the price is the barcode, which also explains the small price label. Many shops that you can buy this from have a code reader so typing in the price is unnecessary. ...read more.


Vogue lets the reader escape from the everyday troubles. All the articles and adverts are based on a different world and way of life without getting too gossipy. Everyone likes to hear about celebrity life a but Vogue goes one step better and talks about how you can become like one of these by saying and doing the right things. They are the equivalent of a finishing school giving you all the secret tips on how to pull off being a faux celebrity without getting caught. There are a range of different people buying the magazine because some of the audience have the money to buy the 'must haves' in the magazine and intermingle with the stars and their way of life. The other people but the magazine to give them the opportunity to indirectly experience the life of an 'A' list celebrity. There are not many genres used in Vogue. There are no interactive features such as letters from the readers or problem pages because it is not necessary in a fashion magazine where all the space is taken up promoting all the different labels in one way or another. Interactive features would also detract from the elegant image that Vogue portrays. The reader buys Vogue to be told things by the editorial team not the other way round. There also doesn't seem to be any narrative. All the articles are either interviews or informative features telling what you need to buy this season. The first article when I open the magazine is on page 29 it is called IN VOGUE and takes over five double sided pages this article 'rounds up the places to go, people to see and things to do in April' in other words telling you what you need to do to be 'in' Vogue. ...read more.


The editorial team at Vogue know that they have a mixed audience that they need to cater for. They know that not everyone has the money to splash out on the wonderful things featured in the magazine. If they were that rich they wouldn't need to buy the magazine in the first place. The editor tries to makes it appear as if they are only working for one set market, to impress the upper class yuppies that would hate to think that anyone else would be buying the magazine. The magazine content is targeted at people who like a bit of glamour and sophistication. They know that Vogue is for people who want something a little different, like a book to fulfil their needs. People buy this magazine to admire the pictures of the models and adverts as well as to read up on the 'must haves' of the fashion world. Vogue is not designed to be your best friend or plaything it is your one-way ticket to glamour. Once you read it you are drawn into the world of fashion and when you put it down you can think of nothing else. Vogue has been running since 1892 so they have learnt through trial and error what appeals to the audience and lead the way alongside the designers in the fashion world. Vogue is not a lifestyle magazine or a women's magazine. It is a piece of art everything to do with is glamorous and sophisticated no one can pull of a fashion magazine like Vogue does and that is why I hope that one day I will be gracing the pages of Vogue as fashion designer of the year in the near future. 1 ...read more.

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