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Media Coursework : Shrek

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Michael White Media Coursework In Yiddish, "Shrek" means fear. Shrek is a successful film and should be taken serious by critics because it is not just another film that is for children. The film has a large intake of digital animation and is currently at the end of filming history, and has a long list of different animating techniques. The film Shrek is a great deal better than all the films that have came in prior to it in several ways. An example of this would be the cartoon "Mortimer Mouse" (now know as "Mickey Mouse") which Disney launched back in nineteen twenty three, the animation techniques back then were very poor compared to today's high standards. The only explanation that I can think of why Shrek and DreamWorks out shine all their rivals is because all of the data is placed on computer where the outstanding technology of today enables them to modify effects that would normally be forgotten for example: shadows for every object on screen, creases in the charters clothing, footprints in the floor and eyebrow movements to show different states of emotions and many more. The use of camera angles and movements help to bring the characters to life. ...read more.


The adult viewers would not just think that he is compensating for his height, like children would, but they would think that maybe Lord Faquaad is compensating for the size of his lower region, most adults would also know that most small men are very rude and they think their a cut above the rest. Although the film it set many years back it still refers to modern societies game shows and sports. For example it refers to Wrestling, which children of nowadays watch and enjoy. As well as wrestling, there is a magic Mirror that describes the three princesses. This represents the game show "Blind Date" which is modern and is on every week. The voices of the characters in Shrek are famous which is going to make the film sell, but their like the characters themselves in real life, which help's bring the film to life. The animation in Shrek is really new, and its nothing like Disney at all, it's completely different in that it provides issues and everyday aspects that help make the film seem more real. For example when Donkey goes back and forgives Shrek and helps him out this is an everyday aspect that is covered forgiving each other. ...read more.


There is also plenty of violence in it, there is animated martial arts, sword, and fist fighting. Shrek uses wrestling moves to defeat Farquaad's guards but kids can relate to this. An arrow gets stuck in Shrek's behind. The fire-breathing dragon is fairly scary at first, chasing and trying to incinerate both Donkey and Shrek, but then becomes friendly. The dragon's castle contains many skeletons and body parts of those who challenged the dragon but were defeated. The dragon eats Farquaad (which if I can remember is the only fatality in the whole film). Fiona and a bluebird sing so loudly that it explodes, but then to make the best of a bad situation, she serves it's eggs for breakfast, and the poor little gingerbread man is tortured by being dipped in milk. In Shrek there is also alcohol, and smoking contained, numerous people are seen drinking beer in a tavern, both Shrek and Farquaad have a martini alone at home, and a barrel of beer is used as a weapon Like almost every film ever made, there is a 'bad guy'. Throughout most of Shrek, it's wasn't clear to me who the bad guy was. Shrek himself is very rude and, at times, rather mean. Farquaad isn't exactly mean, but simply runs the kingdom, as any king should: with force and little tolerance. Lord Farquaad never actually becomes 'bad' until around the last 10 minutes of the movie. ...read more.

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