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Media Coursework - The Weakest Link.

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English - Media Coursework - The Weakest Link The Weakest Link is a quiz show that is broadcast in the early evenings and is hosted by Anne Robinson. The aim of the Weakest Link is to work for players to work together to bank the most money. To be the strongest link by answering the questions correctly after each round, each contestant votes out the weakest link, so they are then eliminated out of the game. The winner is the one that gets through all the rounds; and then answers the most questions correctly in the last round. The prize is all the money they have banked in previous rounds. Anne Robinson's catchphrase for the weakest link is: 'You are the weakest link! ...read more.


Anne Robinson uses her superiority and position of power to belittle the contestants by asking personal questions or insulting them as she uses her sarcasm and irony to insult a man's size, for example! The Weakest Link stage is set in a circle with ten podia with no chairs; the contestants must stand, which makes them feel uncomfortable and unfocused. Anne Robinson has a central position which stresses her importance. The lighting in the Weakest Link also adds to the tension of the show as there is always a spotlight on the contestant, and if they get a question wrong the light turns red for danger and the stage is lit with blue light, which symbolises cold and this makes them feel intimidated or perturbed. ...read more.


For example: when Anne begins to ask the questions the music changes and becomes quicker and more repetitive while, when they are choosing who the weakest link is the music slows down. Overall I think the Weakest Link is a superb demonstration of the tension and suspense hidden in quiz shows. There is such a contrast between the Weakest Link and Who Wants to be a Millionaire, as Who Wants to be a Millionaire is one on one and they are both sitting down in a friendly peer-to-peer set-up. The presenter Chris Tarrant looks warm and seems to yearn for his contestant's success. Who Wants to be a Millionaire is a less humiliating and formal show than the Weakest Link which makes much more emphasis of Anne Robinson in the foreground of the programme a bit like a circus Ring Master. ...read more.

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