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Media Evaluation for Womens/Fashion Magazine Genre

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Evaluation For my coursework my aim was to produce a professionally designed magazine cover which could compete with similar existing products in the market currently. My magazine is aiming to break into the fashion/woman's magazine genre, and is going to be in competition with magazines such as Vogue and Marie Claire. The title of my magazine is "Honey" the title of the magazine is important as it signifies what the magazine is about and who it is aimed at. This title fits my market for sophisticated, rich young women. Honey signifies youth, happiness, purity and sweetness. It's like vogue but it aims at a younger professional female market. Honey means several different things such as the sweet substance and it's also a name you call loved ones, "Honey Trap" is where I really got the idea of what to call my magazine from it means a big attraction, trapping people to be hooked to the magazine, this is my main objective and as well as taking the rival magazines readers. Looking at all these definitions for the word honey and what the word symbolises I realised calling my magazine "Honey" would be perfect. ...read more.


My magazine is going to be appealing to the readers of magazines such as vogue and Marie Claire, I'm going to do this by making my magazine much more fashion forward, and risky. As youth culture at the moment promotes the celebrity life style, going to nice parties and living a lavish lifestyle, young middle class woman will have the disposable income to buy the items featured in the magazine and will want to feel like they fit into this image. I put myself on the cover of my magazine as I believe I am very similar to the actual girls that read these magazines but I wanted to break away from the stereotypical image of women and I am going to produce a magazine for real young women in our society and this will be evident. Before I started deciding what my magazine was going to be like I carried out research (qualitative and quantitative). I looked at a range of different magazines that already exist such as cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, vogue, Elle, and heat. I looked at how the models dressed, what their facial expressions were and what kind of attitudes they conveyed. ...read more.


I also used the college internet to find images online and I used a memory stick to bring the cover image into college. I took the cover image myself on my personal digital camera. I encountered a few problems whilst making my magazine such as the fact i didn't have access to Photoshop on the college computers I believe if I did I would have ended up with a much smarter and professional magazine. The title of the magazine printed out a completely different colour to what I saw on the screen it came out completely opaque which I did try and alter. From making my magazine I learned the thought processes you have to go though to get your final outcome, I learned what worked and what didn't and what would really appeal to my audience in the contents of the magazine and visually. I achieved my aims of making a magazine that can be described as a younger vogue it stands apart from the rest of the magazines, and I'm glad to say I really like the outcome of my product. If I could improve my magazine I would have made the title darker and bolder but on the computer screen it was it just didn't print out that way. ...read more.

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