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Media Production Log

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Production Log Date Task Resources Outcome Any other factors 03/05/09 Starting the main Task which is the Preliminary task of the magazine cover. - Computer (Internet) In this area I will research and looking for certain information about the magazine covers which am I choosing to work in the main task in media studies. By the end of the lesson in media studies, I will deciding the brief about what task I doing in media, so I choose to do PRINT task because it's easy to do and also my brother doing this brief task so maybe my brother also influence me to do this task. When I research in internet search engine (www.google.com) I research about the magazine front cover, then I found a website which is all about explaining the semiotics (means study of sign and symbols) in teenage magazine. In this information a found in Google maybe I will read this information because this will be helpful to me to do my task about the magazine In the task is music magazine cover because I have some knowledge on how to make a music magazine, because when I was doing a media studies in last year (2007) I choose also magazine cover. So in this brief task I doing is I have idea and techniques to do this task and also music is one of my favourite hobbies. ...read more.


And the last thing are playing in computer games and going hangout with my friends. 03/11/09 I will buy a original music magazine in store which is also needed in this course - Money - Bus pass This day is I go in town centre to buy an original magazine to photo copy the pages of magazine and I analysing the different information using media terminology. I will find other nearly store in my place which is no wasting time and also money. 03/17/09 Working on Production Report of my new music magazine cover - Computer - Microsoft word 2003 - Internet In this day I will work on production report which is the main task of making new music magazine cover. In production report - I will work on my brief, planning of production within the magazine cover, my main target audience, constructing the production and evaluation. Maybe I will find different types of sources to improve my coursework in this subject. 03/17/09 Reviewing and checking my own questionnaires about music magazine cover. - Computer - Microsoft word 2003 In these 2 lessons in media studies, I will change all corrections of my questionnaires within my music magazine cover. Because Mr. Baptiste checking my questionnaires to make sure that the questionnaires about the music magazine is correct. ...read more.


This is one of the important parts of this main coursework of media studies because it would be giving me a high mark of this coursework. In this part of coursework I did analysing all pages of the magazine the front page, content, articles, double page spread and the back page. I think this part of coursework for me is easy because I only explaining all kinds of information using the media terminology and also I have lots of notes of my media subject, so it would ne help me to improved my coursework in the magazine. I will provide other terms of media words to make a high mark of this coursework. To do this must need to put media terms words when I analysing of my magazine to improve my work. 02/04/09 Finishing my all work in media studies - Word Document In this day I will finish all I can do in media coursework which is doing music magazine cover. I will printing all my work, which are the production log (or the diary for this coursework) production reports, the questionnaires analysis - which include the graph and other types of information provided and the last thing is printing coloured for my front and back cover of my music magazine cover. I hope that I will getting high marks of this coursework. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jayson Calagos Media Studies ...read more.

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