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media production log

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Part 1: The brief and research into similar media texts/targets audience The brief requires a film to be produced of the thriller genre, with an opening sequence of a minimum of two minutes running time. Our aim as a group is to make the sequence into a reality, and as true to the synopsis as possible. The research I conducted as part of the class and for my own personal analysis into the thriller genre opened my mind about certain values when it comes to producing, directing and editing a thriller sequence. One film, which really drew me to the thriller genre, was Bryan Singer's The Usual Suspects (1995), this film was very different from most I have studied and watched. It shows thriller films in a whole new light, the opposite of most stereotypical films yet still sticking to the basis. For an effective opening sequence, I believe a thriller must contain twisting plots and various characters in order to play with the audience's minds and keep them guessing who the 'chosen' one is. For e.g. The Sixth Sense (1999), about a boy (Haley Joel Osment) who sees "dead people." An element of suspicion should be involved in this to keep it a mystery. One can identify a good thriller film when it contains the following four elements. ...read more.


Again we had to come up with an immediate plan as we could not waste anymore time, so Abbas agreed to be the killer, as we couldn't find another suitable actor. We thought music would have been another simple aspect as we would decide on one song to be played throughout the opening sequence because we didn't want any non-diegetic sounds to be played - as it wouldn't have fitted in with the sequence. Finding a song that was suitable for a thriller was quite hard, as it had to fit in with our sequence and flow well. Towards the end of deadline, Abbas found a song that seemed to fit well with the script of the thriller. Most of the song was synthesized meaning that most on the music was created on a computer, it also used string violins, sound effects and vocals, for e.g. after Abbas opens the book you can hear a scream and a crackling noise. It was important that we had the right music as the audience needed to connect with both the film and the music from the beginning so they would be intrigued and wanting to see more. Part 3: Constructing the production - technical decisions and revisions Before we began our filming we had to produce a filming schedule which included the location, actors and time available for the production. ...read more.


I think that this was one of the main reasons that our film was successful and fit into the thriller genre well. The sequence has been tested out on the students that meet the target audience the feedback we got helped us to understand what other's thought of it and how it linked to being a 'real thriller'. If I was to do the thriller sequence again, I'd spend more time producing a structured screenplay, this would involve the group coming together and working with a storyboard to show certain sequences in slight more detail. I'd keep the soundtrack the same as I felt it worked very well with the storyline, and had the most positive feedback from the audience. As a group I felt some of us did not work as hard as the others in the group. We had throw backs due to certain members of the group not taking their role seriously i.e. not giving much input, feedback, not meeting up with the rest of the group. I feel that we would have succeeded better if we stuck to our schedule, not wasted time, and if we constructed our time appropriately. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience as it has helped me learn a lot about the lengths I could reach if I wished to go into directing or editing later or in life. Sharifa K M10 Media Studies ...read more.

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