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Media Radio News Analysis

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RADIO NEWS ANALYSIS ESSAY Intro This essay is about analysing different news programmes on different radio stations. The stations are Radio 1, Radio 4, and Radio Devon. Each reports their news differently and the aim is to study and compare all of these stations with each other. The general purpose of radio news is to bring the listener up-to-the-minute reports on important news at home and abroad. It is concise, frequent and easy to listen to, compared to TV news which, because it is visual is longer and appears more detailed. People listen to radio news at home, at work and in their cars. Most news would be listened to in the morning, on the way to work and in the evening on the way home. Radio 1 The main news on Radio 1 lasts for approximately 11 minutes. ...read more.


When the presenters present the news they use complex words and terms and presume the listener understands what they are talking about. An example of this was when they were talking about English teaching in schools. They used the phrase 'synthetic phonics'. They say this with no explanation, therefore assuming you understand. The station has a very slow pace and has no music playing whilst it is being broadcasted. The news readers speak plainly, monotonously and use more detailed language and they always leave a small gap between each story. They do this because it gives a more professional approach to reporting the stories. They include a wide range of topics: EU budget talks; CSA issues; racist murder; world aids day; transport; men using prostitutes; drink driving; a story from Hollywood; the discovery of a giant Sea Scorpion fossil and a report on the cricket. ...read more.


They have very slow voices but with very strong regional accents. The presenters (like on Radio 4) leave a slight delay between each story. The Radio has Journalists that go to important news events to witness what has happened and to write a report. The presenter will then present the story to the listeners. Radio Devon is an interesting news station that includes difficult vocabulary and many stories on important matters. Never the less I still found it quite sluggish and tiresome and I think it did lack in enthusiasm. Conclusion This analysis has shown that Radio 1, Radio 4 and Radio Devon report the news in different ways. The news on Radio 1 is up-beat, concise and easy-listening. It appeals to a younger audience. The news on Radio 4 is longer, with a slower pace and more detailed, appealing to an older more intellectual audience. Radio Devon reports short, local news aimed at an older rural audience. As a young listener my preference would be Radio 1. ...read more.

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